Mason Jennings on BYUtv's Audio-Files program

Categories: Local Music

Minnesota's own Mason Jennings is featured in the latest episode of Audio-Files, a program about music that comes from Brigham Young University in Utah. With a slight spiritual focus the episode works to show Jennings as a most centered and revealing personality while discussing his own musical approach, inspirations and practice.

As ultimately a biography on the performer as an artist, Mason hammers home the simple ideas of channeling ones creative energy that's driven him and propelled him to a self-defined level of success.

Filmed this past Fall in Flowers studio during rehearsals and at a live gig at First Avenue with the Pines, fans are treated to intimate and audience performances with a melange of spectacular picture postcard-like images of our beloved Minneapolis.

Mason has a smattering of dates for this Spring and early Summer with one at the Broadway Theater in Wabasha, MN May 19 with Farewell Milwaukee.

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