Polica's "Wandering Star" video spills paint on modern dance

Polica debuts new video for "Lay Your Cards Out" on Jay-Z's Life+Times site
Polica's "Amongster" video depicts sex in the woods

Polica has just unveiled another high-concept music video from Give You the Ghost. Much like the sexually charged "Amongster" clip, this is not a showcase of the members of the band, but more of an interpretation of the world that surrounds the album's haunting melodies.

"Wandering Star," which has been a local radio favorite for most of 2012, inspires a clip that's part Martha Graham, part Lady Gaga, and perhaps a bit of paint-spattered Jackson Pollack, as well.

After Jay-Z co-signed for the "Lay Your Cards Out" video earlier this year by debuting it,  ELY-directed clip seems to be the sort of thing that Kanye West might be down with. Although this is a messier approach to modern dance than his "Runaway" video -- with paint dripping from an old woman's head and getting smeared on a legion of dancers surrounding her -- it's quite stunning. The real question: Did it happen at all?

Polica's next local gig is at the River's Edge Festival next month in St. Paul, and a lengthy bit of U.S. touring follows.

06/02 - Soundcheck Festival - Austin, TX
06/23 - River's Edge Festival - St. Paul, MN
08/03 - Osheaga - Montreal, QC
08/05 - Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL
08/16 - The Biltmore - Vancouver, BC
08/17 - Nuemos - Seattle, WA
08/18 - The Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR
08/20 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
08/21 - Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA
08/23 - The Pool @ Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV
08/25 - The Blue Bird Theater - Denver, CO
09/26 - Maintenance Shop - Ames, IA
09/27 - Mojo's - Columbia, OH
09/28 - High Watt - Nashville, TN
09/29 - Counterpoint Music Festival - Atlanta, GA
10/01 - Cat's Cradle - Raleigh, NC
10/02 - Black Cat - Washington, D.C
10/03 - Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA
10/04 - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northhampton, MA
10/05 - Paradise - Boston, MA
10/06 - Webster Hall - New York, N.Y
10/08 - The Basement - Columbus, OH
10/09 - 20th Century Theatre - Cincinatti, OH
10/11 - Stickyz - Little Rock, AK
10/14 - ACL - Austin, TX

Polica debuts new video for "Lay Your Cards Out" on Jay-Z's Life+Times site
Polica's "Amongster" video depicts sex in the woods

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Skilled and highly-trained performers, high-end sound and video quality, and no emotional resonance. The dancers moved beautifully, but unfortunately to music that does nothing for me. It's a shame that so many talented people can make something that feels so lifeless.

Erik Hess
Erik Hess

I respectfully disagree. I found it to be fascinating, with room for various interpretations. Somewhat stoic and cryptic maybe but certainly not lifeless.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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