Top 20 best Minnesota rappers: The complete list

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Top 20 best Minnesota musicians: The complete list
Top 20 best Minnesota songs: The complete list

In 2012, rap music is as definitive a part of Minnesota lore as the Mall of America -- or anything else Muja Messiah name-checks in "Leech Lake" or Slug mentions in "Shhh." Names like Hip Hop High, Headshots, Rhymesayers, the Hip Hop Fest, Soundset, and more signify tangible pieces of a local culture that has been steadily growing for decades, and shows no sign of waning. A bevy of local musicians do more than their fair share to keep hip-hop alive and vital, and so they're the ones who figure into our top 20 Minnesota rappers. --Reed Fischer

20> Ice Rod
Origin: Minneapolis | Active: 2003-present | Songs: "Your Body is a Sk8park" and "Camera Phone"
Michael "Ice Rod" Gaughan is the Andy Warhol of our rap generation. Before you die, you must witness an Ice Rod show. His flamboyant outfits and retro steez make him a walking art show. Ice Rod was "wag" even before the word existed, and he probably should be taking royalty credits for that shit. He currently is on the road with his "Chatroulette Dorm Room Freestyle Tour" which is even better than his days taking stage dressed like the Ultimate Warrior and rocking out on a double- or triple-neck guitar with half-naked girls dripping in gold. No one can match the creative genius that is Ice Rod, and if he ever completes that transfer to record, watch out Christian right-wingers. You might have a new enemy. --Lars Larson

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19> Prof
Origin: Minneapolis |Active: 2007-present | Songs: "Whiskey," "Myself," and "Rocketman"
"Grab a bottle of Jameson and put it in my face," is Jake "Prof" Anderson's version of pillow talk, and part of a lengthy conversation he's begun about his drinking and the partying that comes along with it. His latest solo album, King Gampo, has its share of serious moments too. Whether the versatile rapper is unloading his rapid-fire side, or taking a more soulful lean with his impressive singing voice, it's all in the spirit of engaging an audience -- even if they're likely to laugh at his expense. What they won't do is doubt his dexterity on the mic.
--Reed Fischer

Stophouse Music Group
18> St. Paul Slim
Origin: Saint Paul | Active: 2002-present | Songs: "Shut it Down" and "Horses in the Ghetto"
It was always said that hip-hop music was the CNN of the streets, well then maybe that makes St. Paul Slim the Anderson Cooper of our rap scene. Deadly series and truthful with the subject manner alerting heads that not everything is so great in the Land O Lakes, but when it calls for a time to just let loose he can jam out with the best of them. He has already shared stages with Atmosphere, Slick Rick and MC Lyte and he is a current label mate with another rising rapper in Prof. In most circles he is known for his quiet domineer, but they always say it's the quiet ones you have to look out for. --Lars Larson

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My opinion, the MN rap scene is awful! It is basically a bunch of hipsters, skinny jean wearing pussies, and liberal bitches. Just awful.


Shout out to Cecil Otter for being the only Doomtree MC not to make the list... despite his extraordinary talent.


The greatest rapper of mn has yet to be discovered, Danny T. Aka 2official of N.E.S.D will truly put mn on the map. check him out on youtube @neweramn or follow him on instagram @danny2official !!!


Astronautilus (sp?) should not touch this list.  No love for Cecil Otter? But you put a guy who's been in Minnesota for a year, and until he hit up a track with P.O.S. hadn't really touched the Minnesota scene?  Weak.

Charles Hamilton
Charles Hamilton


Amber Ace Cleveland
Amber Ace Cleveland

I would just like to point out it's just a list.  Those are just 20 of the MCs in MN.  Some may think they are the best.  Some may have other favorites.  But I think the point we should all pay attention to is that there are, at the very least, 20 dope MCs here (and let's admit it, we all know of plenty more).  I've lived in other cities where the people are lucky to even have one MC, dope or not, so let's give thanks to beauty and talent we all get the opportunity to enjoy everyday.  I dare you to find another community in the world like this one, I've tried, it often falls short.  Love and Hip Hop <3 ACE



 no comment on this list i 

know MN has more to offer?


this list is the dumbest thing i have ever seen.

Dr. J
Dr. J

Counterpoint Prof is the best rapper because:

"King Gampo, fresh as a brizzy,

Sick as a disease, best in the cities.

How my pinky ring got my shoes mad?

Looking down at them motherfuckers like too bad."

I doubt a rapper would just claim to be the best rapper unless it was true.  

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