Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 12

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Well, there it is: A full year of mixtapes. Ninety-six artists covered, six hours of local music. I've tried to showcase the Minnesota rap scene for what it is in all its forms and represent all the different pockets as best I can.

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I'll be hosting an anniversary show featuring artists from previous mixes - Trama, Ecid, Lizzo, Ernest Rhodes, Gaines and the Escape Artists - at Honey on June 14 (see the flyer at the bottom). Thanks for the support and the listens, and enjoy yet another mix of great local rappers.

Gimme Noise Mixtape Roundup May by gimmedatnoisedoe

Fly Henderson

A strong rapper with a unique sensibility, Fly Henderson stands out from his under-20 counterparts with a unique choice in beats and highly personal story. The struggle for success is weighed against the mourning of his father throughout the new and eclectic Dream Catcher record, yet another solid work in an already long line of the young rapper's output.

Download "Fly Henderson - Dream Catcher"


Not to be confused with Astronautalis, the Astronaughts are a local duo made up of rapper Wisecat and producer Yuks Lunger. The beats pull from a wide range of sources and the hybridized sound matches where Wisecat goes vocally. Experimenting with time signatures and different sorts of grooves, Astronaughts are a group to keep an eye out for in the future.

Tavonte Woods

With full body tats, a cocky attitude and an impressive 25,000 some Twitter followers, Tavonte Woods is a rap-industry hopeful who's making some big strides. Able to shift from inspirational to crude in a moments notice, the burgeoning local rapper is sure to make some big moves.


Bringing a counterpoint to the typical mixtape rapper's chase of fame, money and women, KingPin's Moving FourWords zooms out beyond the immediate pleasures of the world most rappers fantasize about to show a darker element of the life. The longview presented in the soul-selling scenario of "Selling A Free Spirit" contrasts the superficiality of success with the stark realities of the consequences. 

Mayhem the Truth

FrontRunners affiliate Mayhem the Truth miraculously meets a non-holographic Tupac Shakur in "Get Mine", who encourages him to continue to pursue his dream. The skilled freestyler's latest mixtape "Honorable Trees" shows him doing just that, aiming for recognition over a number of intriguing beats.

The Level Heads

With Friday's release show under their belt, rapper Lipset and producer Logan Lokes are celebrating by giving you their latest record for free on Bandcamp. Themed around an alien abduction, the duo get to go in on a number of related topics and have a lot of fun with it. "The Take Over" manages to combine the funk of slick hip-hop with the warble of alien spacecrafts.


Ceesaw's laid-back flow goes well over a crackling beat like "Pay Attention", and it's just one of many to be found on his new Attack Of The Fake! album. A call to self-awareness, the track exemplifies the rapper's philosophical and truth-seeking rap style.

Traditional Methods

The rare return of Big Zach, Sarah White and Shiz as the old school collective Traditional Methods is an exciting blast from the past. Over a fitting Big Jess production, the trio reclaim that classic feel with "Dreams Get Brighter", and are hinting at the possibility of a new full project. For now, cop Big Zach's Green Sleeve Sampler for a roundup of what the Kanser MC and his cronies have been up to lately.

Below is the flyer for the anniversary show at Honey on June 14th:


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