Aesop Rock's "ZZZ TOP" video a mini martial arts masterpiece

Screenshot from ZZZ Top.

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There's good news for the Aesop Rock fans who've been impatiently itching for a follow-up to 2007's None Shall Pass: By all indications so far, Skelethon is going to be well worth the five-year wait. Aesop Rock's newest video, "ZZZ TOP," premiered on MTV today. It's the second single off the upcoming solo album -- being released by Rhymesayers on July 10 -- and it doesn't disappoint.

Once again demonstrating the guy knows how to make a video, "ZZZ Top" features a mini martial arts film that isn't quite drag-your-decomposed-cat-around graphic, but nonetheless has plenty of killing. Without giving anything away, we'll say this Patti Li character seems to know her way around a throwing knife.

Fresh off a performance at Soundset, Aesop will be setting out on a North American tour next month to promote the new album, circling back to Minneapolis for a First Ave peformance July 26.

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See Also:
Review: Soundset 2012 at Canterbury Park, 5/27/12

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