Dressing like Kenny Chesney at Target Field could get you booted

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You've shaved your head, and covered your new bald spot with a crisp, beach-ready white straw hat. Your skin is perfectly tanned, and your arms shaped like missiles after bench-pressing Igloo coolers full of Corona on the beach all summer long. Sleeveless T? Light-wash blue jeans? Check, check. You look so much like Kenny Chesney, Renée Zellweger's attorneys might try to serve you papers.

Not so fast there, cowboy; Kenny's motto may be "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" but you try dressin' like him at his sold-out July 8 Target Field appearance with Tim McGraw, and you might just get the boot. At least, that's what happened to fan and Chesney lookalike Nate Blankenship, when his resemblance to the singer caused such a disturbance at last Saturday's Nashville leg of the Chesney/McGraw "Brothers of the Sun" tour, that he was escorted out by security.

"Just got kicked out of [Kenny Chesney] concert because drunk people thought I was actually him. No refund ... so mad," Blankenship tweeted after the show. "He just said that [I was] purposely trying to impersonate a celebrity so we're kicking you out," he later told WKRN television.

This man is not Kenny Chesney.

The offender was wearing a straw cowboy hat and sleeveless blue t-shirt at the time his ticket was apprehended, though he might argue that he, unlike Chesney, sports a really cool Superman tattoo on his upper left arm.

Not to worry -- Chesney's label has reached out to make amends, and has refunded this doppelgänger the cost of his ticket. To sweeten the deal, they've also promised to send along some complimentary CDs. But just to be on the safe side, if you're one of those brawny, tan dudes who wear sleeveless Ts and straw hats, you might want to duck into one of the bathrooms at Target Field before you take your seat.

May we suggest something a little more... Tim McGraw? Tight white undershirt, leather cowboy hat, impossibly tight jeans, smooth goatee... now that's more like it. Just don't blame us if you catch Faith Hill tryin' to country grind dance all up on ya.

See Also:
Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw will play first concert at Target Field

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