Duluth flood updates: Low, Charlie Parr, & Trampled by Turtles

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Parr has lived in Duluth for 11 years, and resides further to the Northeast in Lakeside. He was planning to spend Wednesday evening playing a show at the Fine Line with bike enthusiast Paul Doffing. "I couldn't find a way out of town, he says. "In West Duluth, they closed I-35 because it was flooded. West Duluth was having so many problems with sinkholes that you can't really get through over there. It's all washed out down by Carleton too. After about an hour in the truck, I couldn't find a way, so I just turned around and came back home."

As for his neighborhood, Parr feels lucky, and says far-worse devastation is nearby. He says chunks of roadway have washed down onto London Road next to Lake Superior. "We're not far from the Western," he says. "It's crazy down there. The roads on either side of us are blocked off because of the sinkholes. It's nuts."

Like Sparhawk, Parr ended up with some water in the basement, and got up at 4 a.m. on Wednesday to start some precautionary measures. "I got down there, and my feet squished into the rug," he recalls. So he got the rugs up and turned on fans to get some moisture away from his records and his son's Lego collection.

Parr hasn't lived in Duluth long enough to have experienced the flooding of four decades ago, but he did have experiences with high waters growing up in Austin, Minnesota. His sister's house was in the flood plain and was destroyed. "I was talking to my mother not more than a couple years ago," he recalls "She said, 'You guys are lucky, Duluth's on a hill, you'll never have that problem.' I talked to her earlier today, and told her I couldn't be in town because the roads were all washed away."

He wistfully recalls a letter he received in Wednesday's mail from the Lake Superior Zoo thanking him for a donation with money earmarked for the farm animals, all of whom died in the floods. 
duluth seal.jpg
Via Twitter
A seal escaped from the Lake Superior Zoo.
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Moving ahead, the topic moves to the locals rallying for some benefit work to help those now desparately in need. "Oh yeah," Parr says resolutely. "That'll happen. That's one of the amazing things about this community up here. It's strong. They'll be pulling it together, and a lot of support for the folks here."

We will update this as we hear more from Duluth, but everyone in the community is in Gimme Noise's thoughts today.

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