Midnight Evils on reuniting, charging Marky Ramone for a T-shirt, and missing John Peel

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Did you stand out in terms of high energy, loud, more hard rock, etc.?

Folsom: When we started, we wanted to be as intense and fast as Jesse could possibly play his drums. Then as we evolved, we just wanted to play rock 'n' roll.

Evans: Old bands like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo were a huge influence. At that time there were a lot of good bands playing rock!

Folsom: When you see Jesse play drums, you realize...

Vanderwerf: He hits the drums so loud, and then we play louder, and then it becomes this thing...

Tell me about Estrus label...

Folsom: Jonny and I knew each other since we were in high school in St. Cloud. Jonny was always into the hip stuff. He was into a lot of the Estrus label musicians. When we started the band, we'd been listening to Estrus stuff for at least five years. We sent our first record to everybody we knew, to all these crazy labels in Europe! And Estrus were the only ones that had any interest. I thought that was the coolest thing. One label getting back to us.

Vanderwerf: And a good one.

Evans: We started out listening to garage rock in high school and Estrus was one of those labels, where, when you buy your first record and put it on your record-player... it was one of the first record labels that appealed to me!

Folsom: They came out to see us and Dave Crider, the owner, was real nice. He said he'd be into putting a single out. We were real pumped. A lot of Estrus bands recorded in Austin and with Tim Kerr - he's been in a bunch of Estrus bands - and he's a good dude.

Evans: the funny thing in my head was, he had us going there to record two songs. We were like, "within that time we can record all our songs, 15 of them! And maybe, he won't be able to pick, and will want to make a full record!" [everyone laughs] That was literally the thought. So we went in and that's what we did.

Vanderwerf: We were focused.

Evans: We bashed out 15 songs and got out of there. Next thing we know, he's like, "Let's make a record!"

Folsom: They had good distribution in the U.S. and Europe.

Vanderwerf: Which is why John Peel got the record. We didn't solicit him. He just bought it on his own.

How's it feel to get back together and play again?

Evans: In all honesty, the Dart record, the very first record, I still listen to and love so much, that when these guys called me, I was really stoked to come back.

Tomlinson: It's good to get another one under the belt before we get too old, man. Because its hard now! [everyone laughs]

You broke the 7th Street Entry record for bar sales!

Tomlinson: Our friends love to drink!

Vanderwerf: We all had massive guest lists back then.

Folsom: I think it's going to be tough with the Depot there this year, for competition. Because I think a lot of people are going to slip over there from the Entry to get drinks.

Evans: I'll try to drink as much as I can. I can't promise anything. But I'll try to come close.

What are your favorite songs from the records? Best moments or worst moments.

Evans: One of my favorite moments is Jesse charging Marky Ramone for one of our T-shirts. (laughs)

Tomlinson: "We need that $8!"

Folsom: He was drumming for the Misfits.

Evans: I think it was Marky Ramone who went up and asked for the T-shirt. And Jesse charged him! I'm like "You might want to give him the T-shirt."

Who else did you enjoy playing with?

Evans: I know this sounds ridiculous, but one of my favorite shows, because of what I grew up on, was playing with L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat in the Main Room. The Bullet Boys cancelled and we got added. Its by far one of my favorites. That was one of the best crowds we had.

Vanderwerf: We opened for Reverend Horton Heat, in the Entry and in the Mainroom.

Tomlinson: We played with the Go in the Entry for about 300 people. It was really uncomfortable.

Did you ever have bad shows?

Tomlinson: Where people told us to turn it down? Yeah!

Vanderwerf: We were told to turn it down a lot! We were told to turn it down tonight!

Folsom: We were in South Carolina once and there was an all-female Black Sabbath cover band. We did our sound check and the sound guy came up to us, "you guys are too loud." We are like, "We are opening for a Black Sabbath cover band!"

Expectations for this show?

Folsom: It'll be like old times, almost off the rails, barely able to hang on.

Evans: There's a 90 percent chance I'll be there.

Poster by Amy Jo

The Midnight Evils Return! with Les Dirty Frenchmen and Don Von and the Solution. $5 21+ 9 p.m., Saturday, June 23 7th Street Entry

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