Twin Cities radio personality Dark Star dead at age 66

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Longtime Twin Cities radio personality George Chapple, known affectionately by his friends and fans as Dark Star, was found dead at his Minnetonka home earlier today. He was 66 years old.

Dark Star worked at WCCO-AM for a quarter of a century, echoing the plainspoken, honest voices of the passionate Minnesota sports fans who became his devoted longtime listeners.

In recent years Dark Star had been working with KFAN Sports Radio, as well as taking part in the celebrated weekly broadcast of the Sports Show, alongside fellow distinguished Minnesota journalists Sid Hartman and Patrick Reusse. Dark Star was a fan, first and foremost, and that unbridled passion carried through during each and every one of his broadcasts.

Chapple made a name for himself through his love and keen knowledge of horse racing, and in fact drew his Dark Star moniker from the Kentucky Derby winner from 1953. He moved to the Twin Cities in 1979, and made a bold on-air prediction to Reusse on his 'Monday Night Sports Talk' radio show that then Vikings coach Bud Grant would be resigning. When that prediction came true, Dark Star got his foot in the broadcasting door, and the man certainly took advantage of it.

Chapple's deeply rooted opinions about the local sports teams he loved so much were a reflection of the intense feelings of his listeners, and certainly informed them as well. He started at WCCO doing horse racing updates, but quickly rose through the ranks as his legion of listeners quickly grew, and eventually Dark Star began hosting his own acclaimed and often spirited "Night Talk" radio show during the overnight hours.

Minnesota sports fans all over the country are definitely in mourning over the passing of their beloved Dark Star tonight. And the airwaves around these parts clearly won't be the same without him.

Here is video of the most recent episode of the Sports Show, which aired this past Sunday, May 27.

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Darkie was the man and will be forever he made a caddie feel important and equal to him he was the real deal larger than life what a man l had the pleasure to be the last looper to work for him wow the stories on the course from tk to many other sports legends dark ur to kool i will miss u dearly brando nobody else ever i mean ever paid the caddie on the first tee man he was the shit my tears just dont stop i will really really miss u darkie take care geo give em hell up there and thanks for eveything. BRANDO UR LOOPER FO LIFE YEAHUKNOW!

Dr. J
Dr. J

That's too bad Dark Star was pretty fun to listen to.  Now KFAN goes back to being complete and utter garbage.  

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