Trampled by Turtles to play at Minnesota Twins game for Father's Day

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Ten local songs the Minnesota Twins should play at Target Field

For all those cool dads (and their cool offspring and spouses) out there, here's a chance to make the tradition of a baseball game on Father's Day a little more interactive. Certainly the music folks at the Minnesota Twins must have read our blog suggesting some local artists that should get played through the speakers at Target Field, but they took it one step further and invited Trampled by Turtles to get out there and perform!

Yes, for those who aren't heading to see the Duluth-reared pickers perform at the sold-out Rock the Garden fete over at the Walker, imagine seeing them open for the red-hot Trevor Plouffe. This might prove to be a more intriguing prospect for some local music fans than even the Kenny Chesney-Tim McGraw show at Target Field a few weeks from now.

This band -- with the ingenuity to cover the Arcade Fire, the clout to appear on David Letterman, and the riotous energy to get mayor R.T. Rybak crowd-surfing -- will play a song before the first pitch of the Twins hosting their interleague border rivals the Milwaukee Brewers. They'll be there to provide music throughout Sunday's game. As the TBT website emphatically states, "Woot!"

Trampled by Turtles Father's Day performance at Target Field. Minnesota Twins vs. Milwaukee Brewers. First pitch is 1:10 p.m., so arrive early. Purchase tickets here.

Ten local songs the Minnesota Twins should play at Target Field

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