William DeVogue claims to be Bob Dylan's first son

This woman claims she gave birth to Bob Dylan's first son.

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For decades it's been assumed that Bob Dylan's first serious romance began with Suze Rotolo in 1961. Dylan met Rotolo in Greenwich Village, New York, when she was just 17 and he was 19, and the two wound up as a couple throughout the majority of the early '60s. However, William DeVogue, a 48-year-old resident of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, is saying he knows of one more romance Dylan had during the early '60s, apart from that with Rotolo and the on-again-off-again fling he had with Joan Baez.

In fact, this man claims that his biological mother, Anita "Tina" Grace DeVogue, for whom he searched for years before finding, gave birth to Dylan's first son -- DeVogue himself. In a conversation with Gimme Noise, William DeVogue pieces together his connection to one of the most famous native Minnesotans.

During the early '60s, Tina was living in Greenwich Village, trying to make it as a folk singer. There, as DeVogue's lore has it, she wound up befriending Dylan and was eventually impregnated by him in the summer of 1963. (DeVogue was born on May 12, 1964.)

Tina, facing a life-consuming drug addiction and without sufficient finances, gave up DeVogue for adoption when he was 10 months old; he was adopted shortly after turning three. Realizing he had been too young to remember anything about his real mother, DeVogue would spend much of his adult life searching for clues as to his biological parents' identities.

In 1992, DeVogue was directed to a man named Eugene Michael Procyszyn, a close friend of Tina's during those days in the Village, who said he knew the identity of DeVogue's mother but no longer knew her whereabouts. It was a start, definitely, but not exactly a big help.

William DeVogue.JPG
This is William DeVogue.

DeVogue's search remained relatively futile until, in 2009, he took to Facebook, creating several accounts under both his birth name and his adopted title. Soon, a man in Pennsylvania disclosed, via Facebook messaging, that he had known a Tina DeVogue in Greenwich Village during the '60s. "Look in Boston," the man suggested to DeVogue.

Long story short, DeVogue found his mother in a three-family home in Boston's Jamaica Plain district. After several visits to her home, Tina stated that her son's father was not Procyszyn, as she had once thought, but rather, she was pretty sure, Dylan. Wanting to know not one but both of his parents, DeVogue then endeavored to determine whether it could be true, that his father could really be one of the most, if not the most, pioneering artists of the 20th century.

"Before I found my mother, I was indifferent to his music," DeVogue says. "I loved a few of his songs like 'Blowin' in the Wind' and 'The Times They are a Changin'." More so for 'Blowin' in the Wind, because I could connect those lyrics to the frustrations of not being able to find my mother and hoping my answers would be caught blowin' in the wind. It wasn't until after I found my mother and learned greater detail of her life in the Village that I really studied the '60s/Dylan scene. It was then that I had a greater appreciation for his words and (I am gonna do what I want with my music) attitude. It was also then that I discovered that things were not making sense in other areas."

DeVogue claims that both Dylan and his manager, Jeff Rosen, know of his case. In 2010, DeVogue spoke with Rosen over the phone and has emailed him several times since. Dylan, while not exactly denying any of DeVogue's claims, has said that he has "no recollection" of fathering any child of Tina's. Eventually, DeVogue asked for a "non-legal paternity test," but Dylan refused.

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