Dillinger Four's D-4th at Triple Rock, 7/4/12

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Dillinger Four
Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis
Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4 sees many traditions: baseball, watermelon, barbecues in the park. Oh, and don't forget spending the evening in the dark but welcoming confines of Triple Rock Social Club. 2012 brings "The 9th or Maybe 10th Annual D-4th" from the venue's beloved host band. Each year the lineup is a blend of TC up-and-comers and D4's traveling friends, such as So. Cal's Turkish Techno and locals Brain Tumors and Frozen Teens this time around.

Dillinger Four are members of the old guard, with their shows focusing on the local scene, blending musical styles and creating awareness of new bands. With that, the show saw local hardcore act Brain Tumors disrupt a calm audience, via drink-throwing and general aggression, with vocalist Drew on the floor more than the stage during their set, and then bringing in pinch-hitters Wild Child to continue the aggression in a 1980s throwback-styled hardcore. After an oft-kilter and wonderful set from indie-pop-punks Frozen Teens, the long-running D4 took stage for a night to be remembered... though perhaps not by them. After all, it wouldn't be a D4th without mixing genres and introducing some of the Cities' finest underground acts to a wider audience.

A D4 set brings a few consistent elements: drunken antics, hilarious banter, and a backstage crew that outnumbers the actual band. With a good dozen people standing behind the foursome as they kicked into gear, D4 made apparent they were out to celebrate. Someone in the venue threw out a handful of firecrackers to emphasis the point.

The set was something of a make-up after a forgettable and -- let's be honest -- disappointing show a few months ago in attempt to recreate their Midwestern Songs of the Americas debut. After that mess, they stayed on focus, blending a playlist of their four full-lengths, while still acknowledging their last show and the sloppiness that entailed. The set, while imperfect, was a perfect Dillinger Four show. It included some off-key moments and missed notes, but it covered their discography while highlighting their personalities and sense of humor. While they referenced playing Japan with Green Day, a plethora of religious jokes, and a few forgotten chords, the band playfully rendered a fist-in-the-air sing-a-along set complete with an ongoing stream of stage dives.

Oh, and by the way, Paddy wishes he was homosexual and he also would like to tell you about his days as an altar boy. But, more importantly, there were anthemic moments and a lot of talk about the local community. The point of D4th isn't so much about celebrating an amazing discography from a local band made good, as much as it's about celebrating what we have in the Twin Cities. D4th isn't about Dillinger Four, it's not about Midwestern Songs of the Americas, and it's not about Independence Day by a long shot. It's about local punks making music their own. It's about coming together and celebrating a community and it's about, for even just a moment, forgetting that you have work at 8:30 Thursday morning while celebrating with strangers.

Over 40 minutes (encore included) they played the favorites and reflected on social problems, each moment a release against the larger stresses of life that continue to resurface day in and day out. While it may have been raining fireworks in the sweltering heat outside, in the Triple Rock it was raining beer and air-conditioning to a tune of "A Floater Left with Pleasure in the Executive Washroom."

Personal Bias: I've attended the past several D-4th events and knew exactly what to expect.

The Crowd: Surprisingly virgin to the concept of D-4th, surprised at the antics of the opening bands.

Overheard it the crowd:
Forget the crowd, quoth D4: "Thank you very much. We are Lifter Puller. Goodnight."

Random notebook dump:
Quoth Erik: The greatest of all D-4th of July.

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