Lazerbeak forms Mixed Blood Majority with Crescent Moon and Joe Horton

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Doomtree beatmaker/producer extraordinaire Lazerbeak is certainly keeping himself busy during these hot summer months. In addition to serving as executive producer on Paper Tiger's two brand new collections, the Summer EP and the bonus 15-track Beat Tape, Lazerbeak is also readying himself and his Doomtree cohorts for a sure-to-be bangin' performance at this weekend's Lollapalooza in Chicago, as well as an official afterparty club show at the Empty Bottle on Saturday night. Those high-profile gigs will be followed by Doomtree's next full-crew local show at Summit's Backyard Bash on September 8.

But Lazerbeak isn't content just resting on his laurels or his recent string of success, as he just announced a brand new collaborative project with some Twin Cities heavyweights, Mixed Blood Majority, which features the rapping and rhymes of Crescent Moon of Kill The Vultures and Joe Horton of No Bird Sing, along with Beak providing the beats.

While the crew has yet to release any sonic examples of the fruits of their collective labors, Lazerbeak has posted a few pictures of the recording process, which is sure to generate plenty of excitement throughout the local music community.

Lazerbeak also has this to share about how the recording process is going so far: "We just started tracking our full length-ish album yesterday with Adam Krinsky in the basement of some undisclosed downtown St. Paul government building. Seriously, it's on some Men In Black 4 steez."

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Photo Courtesy of Lazerbeak's Blog at

And while it will be a while until we hear that record or see the group perform live, based on the prodigious talents of the three people involved, Mixed Blood Majority should prove to be a group to definitely watch out for in the future.

Lazerbeak only stokes the anticipatory fires with this statement about his new group: "I'm super pumped about this project. Cres and I have been talking about making an album together for years now, and I'm thrilled we're finally making it happen. No new music to share with you quite yet, but the goal is to wrap this whole thing up in the next couple months, so we should have some stuff to play for you sooner than later."

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Photo Courtesy of Lazerbeak's Blog at

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