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Remember when Bob Dylan went electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival? Gimme Noise wasn't born yet, but the intrigue of that event carries to this day. A ripple of arguably equal or greater importance is upon us today: All City Pages blogs have upgraded from Disqus to Livefyre for reader comments.

This new system is louder, faster, and more interactive, and there's nothing an axe-toting Pete Seeger can do about it -- except leave his reasoned thoughts and throw in a whole bunch of social network tags. Read more about Livefyre below.

Conversations happen in real time

Each blog lists how many folks are "listening" to a conversation and comments generate before your eyes.

Get your social network involved

Facebook and Twitter conversations about an article spill into the comment thread here -- and tagging friends on either network is a feature in the comment field.

Staying current with alerts

With optional e-mail notifications, any replies or likes won't go unnoticed. Cherish every online pat on the back.

Monitor your friends

One account puts all comments and tags from Voice Places in the same spot. Click "Sign in" in the new comments section, and you can use your existing Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google or email account. 

Those are the basics -- now get in there and start talking!

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If failure is an improvement ! ...



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