Mayda's Boomerang Tour diary: 6/10/12 - 6/17/12

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Photo by Erik Hess from Lyn-Lake Street Festival 2012

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Twin Cities-based R&B phenom Mayda recently hit the road for most of the month of June on her Boomerang Tour, and jotted down some details and observations along the way. Here's a diary of highlights.

The night before a tour I usually double check everything like routes, merchandise, schedules and finances so I can relax right before the trip. This time was not the case. My friends convinced me to go Northern Spark to dance my ass off with strangers, look at amazing Minneapolis art, and continuously running into people we haven't seen in a long time. Even though this was super fun, I kept thinking about all the things I needed to do as the clock ticked away.

Day 1:

Two hours later of sleep, I found myself at 11 a.m. scrambling to Target and printing off itineraries. Luckily right before I left, I got notice that I will be armed with a tour bodyguard/sumo/pasta enthusiast, Yamaha for part of the tour. I was ecstatic! Yamaha threw my tiny ass into the car, throwing a mandatory Chex Mix on my lap to shut me up until Chicago.


We arrived a bit late to the Green Mill Jazz Club where I was a featured artist with some NYC slam poets. The club was wall-to-wall with a surprisingly diverse crowd. Before my set, I met this nice young couple in their 30s, Teyshia and Kevin, who were on an unusual date. I told them I am from Minnesota. "We have lived in Southside! Love it." I smiled and headed up on stage. The host, Mark (whose wit and charisma reminds me of Jim Walsh) called me up and warned me that they might boo. Well, after I play I told the audience what Mark had mentioned. I would've appreciated "a boo" over a Minnesota nice, "Thay-at's different (with a slow clap)". All-in-all, successful gig with a Chicago win.

After the show, Yamaha and I decided to go to one of the bars next door to relax. We meet 4 college boys wearing the same Loyola tee shirts who invites us to do karaoke. The next day, I wake up to Yamaha snoring covered in FIVE deep dish pizza boxes. Count 'em, FIVE! For me? No. For the owners at the venue to maybe book me again? NO, For Yamaha and his new "brah" friends? You better believe it. There went gas money. Anyway, I shake my head and we trail to Detroit, Michigan.

Day 2:

On our way to Detroit, I got to thinking about cities in comparison to the Twin Cities. Many folks say that we are like a smaller Chicago. While I can see the parallels as we approached the downtown Detroit area, I started thinking that Chicago is more like a small New York. The Twin Cities is more like Detroit -- or at least St. Paul is. The feeling of home and comfort came to me like whenever I pass 280 going 94 East into St. Paul. However, when we got into the neighborhood where the venue is, it is in a not so friendly spot. All the gas stations were 24 hours (a plus) that carried those 25 cent bag of chips. The Dollar Stores were as abundant as Starbucks in NY. Where there is a Family Dollar, there is a liquor store and an UnBank. I was feeling okay, though. I like a deal. Yamaha spent 1/3 of our gig money, so nothing like a $3 RCA cable and $1 tub of cheese balls for the gig.

The bar was smallish with an extremely high stage. One step too far and you will be walking the plank.

Little did I know a local celebrity stopped by too.

The owner of the bar invited us back to his place post-hours to wash up and crash on his couch instead of the shady Stay Inn down the road. (Thank god!)

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