The Replacements' final show was 21 years ago -- hear it!

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A still from the Replacements' video, "When it Began"
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While motorboats and firecrackers and sweet potatoes mixed with marshmallows sure can provide a wild ride for the Fourth of July, imagine being out in Chicago's Grant Park with a whole bunch of grieving Replacements fans. Back in 1991, that's exactly the scene for Independence Day. The guys would become independent from performing as the Replacements in a gig dubbed "It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Roadie Plays" because Paul Westerberg and the rest of the guys -- Tommy Stinson, Slim Dunlap, and Steve Foley -- gradually filtered offstage to be replaced by their roadies.

Over at celebrated blog Aquarium Drunkard, Josh Neas runs down a bit of his personal history associated with the show -- and its subsequent bootlegging -- and posts a high-quality recording of the show.

From Neas' comments:
The band was on fire. Yes, one-half of the band's founding members were missing. Yes, the show was comprised mostly of songs from All Shook Down and very few of the classics. But it didn't matter. The songs from All Shook Down lept to life in a way that I would have never expected. "Bent out of Shape," "Happy Town," "One Wink at a Time," "Someone Take the Wheel" and others all took on a propulsive, raucous energy that had been lacking in the studio takes. That studio album has grown on me over time as I've aged and mellowed, but I have no doubt that I might not have given it those important second listens if it hadn't been for this bootleg. The defeated, sarcastic and harsh banter of Westerberg and Tommy Stinson during the set only adds to the loose, 'couldn't care less' tone of the energetic set.
Now again, the reports that Westerberg and Stinson are back together to work on a new song as a tribute and benefit to Slim Dunlap include nothing of anything of an actual reunion. But digging up this nostalgic moment in 2012 has a cathartic feel for the legions of fans who haven't seen this band perform in a long time (or ever). 

Here's "Can't Hardly Wait" from the show:

Track List:
1. "I Will Dare"
2. "Bent Out of Shape"
3. "Achin' to Be"
4. "Merry Go Round"
5. "Happy Town"
6. "Swinging Party"
7. "One Wink at a Time"
8. "Waitress in the Sky"
9. "When It Began"
10. "Someone Take the Wheel"
11. "Talent Show"
12. "Nobody"
13. "Another Girl, Another Planet"
14. "Hey Good Lookin'"
15. "I'll Be You"
16. "I Don't Know"
17. "Within Your Reach"
18. "Can't Hardly Wait"
19. "Hootenanny"

Download all of the Replacements' "It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Roadie Sings" at Aquarium Drunkard here.

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