Those Darlins burglarized after show at the Cedar [PHOTOS]

Photo by Erik Hess
Nikki Darlin playing the white Richmond guitar hours before it was stolen from their van.
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Some thieving lowlife swiped a pair of guitars from Those Darlins' tour van just hours after they performed with Best Coast and JEFF the Brotherhood at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis Saturday.

Earlier in the day, the Tennessee cowpoke rockers' social networks were lit up with excitement about the petite Jessi Darlin celebrating her birthday -- but by Sunday a.m., the tone had shifted to disappointment. "MINNEAPOLIS - OUR VAN WAS ROBBED. HELP!" they tweeted. The two instruments in question are a red Fender Jaguar bass, and a white Richmond electric guitar.

Here's how it unfolded on Twitter and Facebook.

"BURGLARIZED minneapolis- red fender jag, white richmond guitar."

Here's a shot of the now-missing bass taken at the show:
Photo by Erik Hess
Looks like the girls didn't let this mishap on the final night on their current tour completely dampen their spirits, though. From Facebook: "Thank you usa! And thank everyone (except the guitar thieves) for making it the best birthday a girl could have. Love you all! So excited for the future."

So, take a look in the local spots for used musical instruments and holler at us (gimmenoise [at] if you have any further information.

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