Brother Ali gets gritty and gory in "Mourning in America" video

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Sitting down to an early lunch? Be forewarned that this Brother Ali clip for "Mourning in America" off his forthcoming new album isn't exactly some comfortable viewing from his positivity trove. If anyone has gotten too much "Fresh Air" from the Minneapolis rapper recently, this is a puff of black smoke to char your lungs.

Yes, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color is a firestorm of social commentary coming out September 18, and this track's refrain -- "Murder, murder / Kill, kill, kill" -- sets the tone immediately. If this Todd Angkasuwan-directed video is hard to watch, that's on purpose. The point Ali makes is that today's world has far more disturbing realities -- whether we let ourselves see them or not.

For the most part, the video is in stark black and white, and mirrors the violence and hatred and bloodshed spewing from the current state of affairs. Ali, in fatigues or just a black hoodie, is angry, and holds nothing back here.

Ali visited the Minnesota State Fair on Wednesday and performed "Mourning" and two other songs at 89.3 the Current's booth. Listen to the audio from his performance here.

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Jerimiah Hartmann
Jerimiah Hartmann

Nicholas do you listen to rap on the radio ? Cause what you just heard from Brother Ali is real hip-hop and shit on the radio is just that shit . Brother Ali is one and his brother's in the under ground hip-hop movement wordsmiths and you should sit up and pay ATTENTION ! They are the what is good right and just in today's hip-hop. So just listen up and recognise a man who stands for hope peace and the American way . Even for negitive people like you

Nicholas S. Goers
Nicholas S. Goers

Never heard this guy rap before, but now I know why he's not on the radio...

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