First Avenue, Turf Club, Liquor Lyle's among local spots in Bollywood's "Young" video

The 331 Club through the psychedelic eyes of Bollywood.
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Local pride example #34,858: The new video from area art-punks Bollywood is a stylish, lo-fi tour through the stumbling drunk bar and venue culture in the Twin Cities. This comes not long after we introduced our new web series devoted to Minny-related videos, Local Frames.

"Young," a 7-inch single released back in April, seems to mean two things when put in the context created by this freshly debuted video. Not only are there an impressive number of photographs of First Avenue, 331 Club, Turf Club, Club Jager, Liquor Lyle's, the Red Sea, and more places where many can feel young at heart, there are also the even more youthful images of an assortment of cartoon characters imposing themselves upon our area haunts.

Not to give away all of the visual delights of the clip, but a lot of us are going to feel semi-aged seeing the fuzzy footage of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' enemies Rocksteady and Bebop hit the screen.

Bollywood performs on Radio K's Off the Record Friday at 3:30 p.m.

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