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As the Twin Cities music scene grows, more and more artists are creating music that demands our attention. Combine the music with talented filmmakers locally and beyond, and you have a fruitful mix of distinct skills that generates more locally connected music videos than ever before.

While it's impossible to shine a spotlight on all of the great music video work going on around the area, Gimme Noise has created a new regular segment, Local Frames, which will help bring some much deserved attention to a few of the standout videos of the moment from local bands or those filmed by local directors.

Here are ten recent selections for your viewing pleasure.

Now, Now - "But I Do"

The flourishing local trio has not only managed to grab Minnesota's attention with it's riveting new record, Threads, but they have also rightfully been the focus of plenty of national media as well as their star continues to rise. The group recently trucked their own gear up Austin, Texas's famed Graffiti Park to play a stripped down version of one of their new tracks, "But I Do" for NPR. With downtown Austin off in the distance behind them, it serves as a perfect backdrop for this lovely rendition of one of the standout tracks on Threads.

Bloodnstuff - "Oh You Petty Failures"

Bloodnstuff have set the local scene on fire with their blistering blend of Sabbath-like riffs and brazen metal intensity. The local duo kept us waiting for a while for their self-titled debut full-length, but when it arrived it delivered a much-needed deafening shock to the Twin Cities music scene. This moody, black 'n white video was directed by local graphic designer Matt Visionquest, and perfectly captures the brooding urgency of the band's sound and stellar live show.

Howler - "This One's Different"

Howler have certainly made some waves both locally and abroad, to both good and bad effect. But there's no doubt that the band's catchy, insistent garage rock has struck a prominent chord on both sides of the pond. The U.K. newspaper the Guardian tapped the band to be part of their Bands In Transit video series, which gives groups a moment to stop their van to play an imprompteau live performance without any fans around. Here Howler delivers a rousing, spirited rendition of their hit, "This One's Different," while they were on their way to the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, England.

Astronautalis - "The River, The Woods"

Since moving to Minneapolis a little over one year ago, Astronautalis has certainly been embraced wholeheartedly by the local music community. And he only gives that love right back, delivering one rousing, memorable gig after another to a receptive, growing audience. The MC was one of the highlights at this year's Soundset festival, and he's only building on that momentum by dropping a brand new video directed by Dan Huiting for the TPT program, MN Original. It features Astronautalis and a full live band delivering a showstopping, impassioned take on "The River, The Woods," a standout from his fantastic recent record, This Is Our Science.

Destroyer - "Libby's First Sunrise"

Renowned local director/videographer Dan Huiting also features prominently in this clip for "Libby's First Sunrise" by the Vancouver band Destroyer. Huiting was one of the creators of the City Of Music series for MPLS.TV which has been featured on Gimme Noise regularly over the last year or so, and has recently been picked up by Pitchfork to be a regular series on the indie tastemaker's site. This is a gorgeous video of an intimate performance by Destroyer, one that highlights the talented eye of Huiting and his crew, as well as the delicate beauty of the band as well.

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