Local Frames: New videos from Poliça, Paper Tiger, Sleep Study, and more

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Poliça sign to Mom + Pop, unveil Dark Star EP

As the Twin Cities music scene grows, more and more artists are creating music that demands our attention. Combine the music with talented filmmakers locally and beyond, and you have a fruitful mix of distinct skills that generates more locally connected music videos than ever before.

While it's impossible to shine a spotlight on all of the great music video work going on around the area, Gimme Noise has created a new regular segment, Local Frames, which will help bring some much deserved attention to a few of the standout videos of the moment from local bands or those filmed by local directors.

Here's our second installment of Local Frames featuring ten recent selections for your viewing pleasure.

Poliça - "Dark Star"

It's been a breakout year for the entrancing Minneapolis quartet, as they have captured the attention of the music world here in the States as well as overseas. The group have just signed a record contract with Mom + Pop Records, which should raise their worldwide profile even more, and won over their biggest audience yet at Lollapalooza in Chicago a few weeks back.

And now they have released their second video from Give You The Ghost, "Dark Star," which features the hoodie-wearing band laying down the groove in the shadows while Channy Leaneagh sings and dances along with the beat in the midst of a halo of lights. The clip is directed by the talented Isaac Gale, and produced by Justin's brother Nate Vernon. The group have just released the Dark Star Remix EP, and are set to make their second late night TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on August 22, which should guarantee that the spotlight will only get brighter for Poliça in the future.

Paper Tiger - "The Fortunate Wayfarer"

Doomtree DJ/Producer extraordinaire Paper Tiger has just come out with his appropriately titled, Summer EP, a new collection of fresh beats which are sure to spice up any music fans warm weather parties. He's just released the first video from the EP for "The Fortunate Wayfarer," which features an old-school boombox taking in some sights and having some fun at an amusement park along the ocean. The fun, playful clip was directed by James Gunderson, and captures the buoyant energy of the instrumental track perfectly.

Sleep Study - "Nothing Can Destroy"

The hotly tipped Minneapolis quartet Sleep Study just released their debut full-length, Nothing Can Destroy, on Tuesday, and have also just put out a promo video for the evocative title-track. While the band doesn't make an appearance in the decidedly retro animated video, you can catch the band on Friday night at the 7th Street Entry for their official record release show. The group seem poised for success with this highly anticipated release, and if the haunting title-track is any indication, Sleep Study should certainly deliver on the promise suggested by their riveting live shows.

War Poets - "Close Enough"

The Minneapolis quintet War Poets jump headfirst into the gay marriage debate with their provocative new video for "Close Enough," which will feature on their forthcoming debut record, Dulce et Decorum Est . The video portrays the struggles as well as the tender moments of two gay couples, and the misguided prejudice they encounter in their daily lives as they try to proclaim their love to the world. The upbeat, encouraging song was co-written by War Poets frontman Rex Haberman along with local luminary Kevin Bowe, and should serve as a pop anthem of sorts to the LGBT community as they continue to fight for acceptance and understanding.

High On Stress - "Here Is Your Smoking Gun"

The veteran Minneapolis rock 'n roll quartet High On Stress are back with a new video for "Here Is Your Smoking Gun," a catchy track featured on the band's highly enjoyable third album, Living Is A Dying Art. The video features the band tearing through the bouncy, melodic track in a live setting, clearly having a good time with each other on stage. For those music lovers in Duluth, the group's next gig is August 24 at Fitgers. Catch them live if you can, for that is where the band truly shines, as this video attests to.

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