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My Panda Shall Fly & Benjamin Jackson - "Data-Module"

This colorful, playfully retro animated video for the London-based producer My Panda Shall Fly was created by Minneapolis native Nic Wilson. Wilson is a talented artist/producer who just returned to the area, and this clip features a neon-hued trip through a landscape littered with symbols of both excess and core values, while the song's hypnotic 808 strains elegantly show us the way.

Pennyroyal - "Madison (Mad City)"

The evocative Minneapolis indie-rock band Pennyroyal just released a picturesque new video for "Madison (Mad City)," from their travel-inspired EP, Places. The group is set to play their last show of the summer tonight at the Aster Cafe, before heading back into the studio to record again, and their pedal-steel guitarist will be back from his summer of study in Afghanistan and Tajikistan for this sure-to-be special show. Here's to hoping that they don't spend too long in the studio and we get to hear some new songs soon.

Puppies & Trains - "Awesome Summer"

With the State Fair kicking off today, and officially ushering in the eventual end to the summer, why not turn up this rollicking, playful video for "Awesome Summer" from the St. Paul rock 'n roll band Puppies & Trains. It's heavy on guitars and a driving rhythm, and features a singalong chorus that everyone around here who loves the summer months (and dreads the winter) can identify with. The band directed the beachy clip along with Good Guy Tom Lloyd, and appear to be having a ton of fun on camera while the anthemic song builds to a rousing finish.

ManTown - "Gay Marriage"

This rocking, Dead Kennedys-like number from the Minneapolis rock trio ManTown claims to be "a music video about the union between man and rock and roll." But it also serves as a reminder of the clownish, narrow-minded mentality of those "emotional fascists" who are trying to ban gay marriage in the state of Minnesota and throughout the United States.


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