Tom Morello rages against Paul Ryan's machine

Photo by Erik Hess (More shots here.)
Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello rallies against another Wisconsin Republican, Scott Walker, back in June.
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Big shock: The revelation that Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan likes Rage Against the Machine didn't go over well with the members of the band. Gimme Noise predicted this earlier in the week. In an op-ed with Rolling Stone, guitarist Tom Morello affirmed that the Wisconsin Republican "is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades."

This is a great essay for a number of reasons.

Morello plays music critic.
Any number of folks face the prospect of liking an artist as soon as they know the people in it aren't people we morally agree with. (Chris Brown, Kreayshawn, George Jones, whoever -- you get the idea.) So, perhaps Ryan doesn't like the Rage Against the Machine's lyrics, but enjoys the sound, but Morello notes "I don't care for Paul Ryan's sound or his lyrics." Maybe he can make an exception for "Paul Ryan's Song of Himself."

Morello reminds us that Rage songs are about things that Paul Ryan can't ignore.

"So many excellent choices to jam out to at Young Republican meetings!"

Morello lists the top six things Paul Ryan's raging against.
6. Women
5. Immigrants
4. Workers
3. Gays
2. The Poor
1. The Environment
0. The Privileged Elite

Morello leaves us with an indelible image.
There's a false hope from Morello at the end of the essay when we get the possibility that Paul Ryan is some sort of mole. Let's not spoil it for you, but it does involve some deserving folks being forced to listen to Rage Against the Machine against their will non-stop.

Read "Tom Morello: 'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against'.

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