Wiping Out Thousands' This Came First cover, release date, track listing unveiled

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After giving Gimme Noise a brief progress report on the status of their debut full-length during a recent interview, Wiping Out Thousands have just announced the complete details of their forthcoming new record. This Came First will be self-released by the band on Tuesday, October 23 via a free download on the WoT bandcamp page, as well as being available on iTunes, Amazon, and streaming on Spotify.

As Taylor Nelson shared with us earlier, the band worked along with engineer Adam Tucker from Signaturetone Recordings on initial production of the new album, with Wiping Out Thousands handling all electronic production themselves. This Came First is an eight-track album that is a follow-up to the band's stellar debut EP, Reaction Machine, and represents a broader realization of Nelson and Alaine Dickman's artistic creativity and flourishing musical partnership.

Nelson has just released a teaser-video for their new record, which features snippets of discordant sounds from the album, as well as an unfortunate ending for an egg that is a bit reminiscent of the album art for the most recent Yeah Yeah Yeah's record, It's Blitz!.

This Came First from Wiping out Thousands on Vimeo.

The egg also features prominently on the cover art for This Came First, which was created by Avye Alexandres. The cover and corresponding album title boldly answers once and for all the eternal question about the chicken and the egg, at least as far as Wiping Out Thousands are concerned.

No word yet on a record release show, but after the duo's strong recent showing at the West Bank Music Festival, I'm sure there will be a string of local shows for the band where they can showcase their brand new material.

Until then, take a look at the album art and tracklisting for This Came First, due out on October 23. [Editor's note: Are they Wilco fans?]

This Came First Album Art.jpg
Album Artwork by Avye Alexandres

This Came First tracklist:

--More Than Five Million
--Follow Me Into The Wake
--Below Tripping
--As We Sink A Foot Deeper Into The Earth

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