10 gorgeous GIFs of Minnesota Joe's best b-boy moves

Photo by Ryan Brennan
If Michael Jackson had decided to devote his life to gymnastics instead of pop music, it probably wouldn't be far off from what Joe "Minnesota Joe" Tran has created for himself. Witnessing him flying through his b-boy moves is mesmerizing, shocking, and the good kind of plain-old sick.

This week's cover story by Calvin Son goes in-depth into the local b-boy scene, which certainly has its ties to hip hop, but also involves a completely different sort of physical skill set. As you will see below, Minnesota Joe is not an imposing figure, but he's a finely tuned machine. "It's hard to say what each single move is," he tells Gimme Noise. So, we've titled these moves -- lovingly shot and assembled by photographer Erik Hess -- based upon the "meat," Joe's word, of each set. Here are ten GIFs featuring extreme b-boy excellence.

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