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Bassgasm time
Come one, come all, ye masochistic lovers of bass! The artillery -- AKA the massive sound system known as the Wall Of Bass -- is assembling now, so there is no turning back. This Friday night at First Avenue marks the seventh Bassgasm party featuring old-school favorites in dance music, local flavor, and up-and-comers setting the pace. We've hipped you to the lineup, we've debated over house music, and now we're interviewing a few key people in the BG7 experience. Hear from promoter/technofile Woody McBride and house music soldier DJ Dan about what they're most anticipating.

It's Bassgasm 7 already!?

ESP Woody McBride: It's going to be a rocker. DJ Dan and Icey really know how to work it. It's our 7th one now and I can't believe it.

DJ Dan:  I'm looking forward to coming to Minneapolis, I love the crowd. They definitely have a better gauge on good music than what I've seen even in some clubs in Los Angeles. People there have a higher awareness for good techno and house.

With your DJ schedules (and Woody, your time spent promoting), how do you keep your drive?

Woody:  It makes me me. I have a positive outlook and surround myself with positive people, learning from the past and shaping the future. I'm an old-school raver first!

Dan:  Just watching my DJ friends that I respect making good music and seeing them become more successful keeps me going. Now that there's this massive exposure of DJs playing real commercial stuff, there will be people looking for something more intelligent. Even some of the DJs who play more poppy stuff are starting to head the direction to play more house. I think it's' all going to come back around. 
ESP Woody McBride

What's your history together?

Woody: Dan is not just a DJ, he's an artist and a cool guy! He paired up with me for "Stairway To Headphones", the biggest underground party ever to be held in a warehouse in the Twin Cities (It was in St. Paul off of Highway 280). For headliners we had Dan, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Delta 9 and Nigel Richards. I've always wanted to bring Dan back but JT and his SIM crew had marketshare on those kind of DJs. Now that they've moved to top shelf internationals, it seemed a great time. 

Dan, what can people expect from your set at Bassgasm?

Dan: People can count on me to have a good time dancing. A good party DJ is someone who plays music that's funky and fun and makes you dance and feel good.  At Bassgasm, you'll hear music you can really dance to and hear a bit of techno and house in the same set.

What's one change in the dance music scene you've noticed?

Woody:  I was really moved by how much momentum the dubstep movement gathered but lately it has lulled people to sleep. I've been wandering around the club scene for the last 18 months, and guess what? House music is the new dubstep!

Dan: It's interesting to be booked now because people see me as being more underground than what we've seen in a while. I really noticed it at Coachella, where I was going to these stages and all they were playing was Avicii party music with massive breakdowns and massive builds. Dance music has been around long enough now that there's so much wonderful stuff to pick from, there's no reason we should hear the same record every hour! It's hard to watch because I think to myself, I would so much rather see Richie Hawtin up there -- or someone who really has a deeper statement.

DJ Dan
What are you looking forward to with Bassgasm 7?

Woody: We have a rather cerebral performer with echospace from Detroit. They're a sidebar story of greatness and they've been the world leader in a subgenre called dub-techno. It's all really heady Berliner techno with reggae influences. The Hard Wax guys made it famous, echospace took it a step further. It has a bliss and a maturity to it that is gonna be so clenching to a crowd that's being punished in four other areas.

Dan: There is really something cool about being in a club run by a promoter that has brought in good music, good sound, and made everyone aware that they need to be good to the people coming in. When we can go to a nice club like First Avenue and everyone is cool, that's really respecting the music, I love to see that.

Dan, what's coming up for you release-wise?

Dan: I have my new artist album out on Guesthouse and half of it is blatantly sampled disco records -- it's a really fun album. I went back to the spirit for what people know me for and gotten back to my funky house roots.  I'll be playing tracks from the album at Bassgasm!

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My favorite moment was when Mark Farina forcefully pulled me back to 97-98 or so... Back when music was my medicine and parties gave me energy instead of taking it from me.  I had forgotten about the sensation of being connected to an entire room full of people via nothing but low frequencies and a DJ's will.  He reminded me... forcefully and all at once, with no warning that it was going to happen.  That was a good night.


Been to the last two. Bassagam 5 awesome. Mark Farina! Enuf said.


Bassgasm 2 with Terry Mullen. So good. And a set from Woody is always awesome


Bassgasm 6, was the first time i been out in minneapolis, since moving back from out east, and it was great connecting with old friends i hadn't seen in years and the set from the locals in house was awesome...glad to see that some people are still banging away after all these years.


Favorite time, Bassgasm 6, Mark Farina made me dance "All night long"


My favorite was Bassgasm 4. Klever killed it! So many people all hyped up over the same music? So awesome. 


My favorite part was leaning my back against the wall of bass!! The music felt incredible!


They just keep getting better. Tomorrow is going to be unbelievable.


I met the hottest girl ever at Bassgasm 6 & danced like freaks till the lights came on. Best night ever! My only regret is not getting her number. You gotta pick me to win so I can find my long lost love! 

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