The Doomtree cosmetics line -- inspired by Dessa's lipstick

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Dessa develops a lipstick for charity

So we already know Dessa has teamed up with the Elixery on a lipstick, and is donating proceeds to a favorite charity (CARE, which empowers and educates women around the world). But what about the rest of the Doomtree collective? Are they feeling left out, with no one asking them if they want to be the faces of a cosmetic endorsement? Maybe Mictlan would want to get behind, like, a Doomtree-themed nail buffer kit or something? Shouldn't everyone get a glamour shot?

In honor of Dessa's Elixery lipstick release this Saturday at Icehouse, Gimme Noise decided it would be fun to consider the most fitting cosmetic endorsement for each member of the Doomtree posse. You know, just in case something like this ever comes up again, they can be prepared.


Mike Mictlan: Snake Venom Facial Moisturizer

Forget nail buffer kits. Mictlan puts off this sort of bad-boy vibe that warrants a product with a little more attitude. Introducing: Snake Venom Facial Moisturizer, made with venom from the Temple Viper snake. It's basically botox in a jar -- without the needles, or the face-numbing tendencies. Not that Mictlan really needs an anti-aging serum. More like, if there's any product for Mictlan, it would be the one with snake venom. We can imagine him gifting this over and over again to the Doomtree family and beyond.


Paper Tiger: Clay Pomade

Probably all the Doomtree peeps (except Dessa) are super jealous of Paper Tiger's naturally thick, expertly coiffed locks. And probably so are most of the gentlemen that end up at a Doomtree show -- surely, in between songs, their eyes fall upon Paper Tiger, who DJs ferociously without even a single hair falling out of place. How does he do it? Only the finest pomade could suffice: a clay and beeswax mixture, ensured for maximum hold and minimum oil.


P.O.S.: Silk-Enriched Shine Reduction Powder

We've all seen it: P.O.S. is a master at rapid-fire rapping, and seeing him perform live is a gold-bond guarantee of an epic evening. And if there's any product he's going to want, it'll be the fancy schmancy Silk-Enriched Shine Reduction Powder -- for all those sweaty performances he'll have due once We Don't Even Live Here drops. Made with pure silk, chamomile, grape seed extract, and probably unicorn spit, not only will he not sweat, he'll be feeling super fresh, too.

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