Elixery debuts full Doomtree Cosmetics line for 2013, sort of

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We've got to hand it to the Minneapolis-based cosmetics house the Elixery for their quick work. After we debuted Natalie Gallagher's suggestions for a full line of Doomtree cosmetic products to go along with Dessa's signature lipstick, their team went into overdrive to create six additional products. As it turns out, Mike Mictlan's Vegan Snake Venom Facial Moisturizer would not just live on in our imagination, and the proof came at Icehouse on Saturday when Dessa's lipstick was unveiled.

The "proof" of the Elixery's quick work showed up on Instagram:

The sign behind these fine mockups (emphasis on mock) reads:
"As Previewed on CityPages.com
Available Spring 2013*: One of the advantages of formulating all of our own products is that The Elixery is able to respond to the cosmetics market quickly.
*Not Really. Vegan snake venom? Really?"

Update: Here's a shot that'd probably double nicely for a cosmetics promo image from Paper Tiger's wedding over the weekend.

In all seriousness, congratulations are in order for Dessa and the Elixery and CARE, the charity receiving proceeds from the lipstick's sales. More on all right here.

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