Twin Cities fall 2012 country music concert round-up

DWIGHT 37.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Dwight Yoakam (is not actually) assaulting his drummer, Mystic Lake Casino 2011

It's f-in' freezin' out, a sure sign the season of county fairs and porta-a-pottyin' at WE Fest has now passed, and the time of warm, toasty indoor casino shows is nigh. With the autumn comes ample opportunity to gaze upon Carrie Underwood's beautiful hair extensions (they're fake, right?), learn what Robbie Fulks would like to do to Nashville (it involves the F-word), and be called offensive names by Kenny Rogers (it involves the R-word).

Read on for all the sordid details.

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Carrie Underwood at the Target Center
Thursday September 27, 7:30, $46-66

Carrie Underwood's real perty. I mean, we don't mean to reduce her music career to her looks. I mean, who are we kidding - yes we do.

Greensky Bluegrass at the Cabooze
Thursday September 27, 8:30, $12

Expect quality, true and often "jammy" bluegrass from this Kalamazoo-based five-piece outfit tonight at the Cabooze. As such, also expect lots of barefoot hippy types.

Jack Klatt & the Cat Swingers with Stephanie Nilles at the Eagle's Club
Friday September 28, 8:00, $6

We're big fans of Klatt & Company, and especially of their recent collaborative release, Mississippi Roll, a celebration of all Americana's intersections as they've traveled north up the Mississippi and west from big ol' cities out East. Consider also the bill's addition of New Orleanian Stephanie Nilles, a quick jivin' piana player with whom Klatt will be embarking on a month-long tour following Friday night's Eagle's Club appearance, and this show's a sure-bet. According to her bio, Nilles has a voice "that would make Jelly Roll Morton look orthodox and Ma Rainey look sober," and Rolling Stone likened her to "Ella Fitzgerald on speed beating the shit out of Regina Spektor." Don't believe her bio? Check her out for yourself because it's apt as all hell.

Kathleen Edwards with Jenn Grant at the Varsity
Friday September 28, 7:00, $20

Does New Orleans freak you out? There, there. Kathleen Edwards is from Canada. It will be okay.

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