Let It Be Records' history isn't Target property, former owner says

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Target is stiff-arming Let it Be Records' former owner for the "It" from the store's old marquee. After 16 years in the location at 10th Street and Nicollet Avenue, Ryan Cameron closed up the shop in 2005 when a condo tower threatened to take over the spot. Now, he's just trying to get back the rest of his original signage from the spot -- he gave away the "Let" and the "Be," but wasn't able to reach the "It" from Let It Be back when he shuttered the shop.

The Minnesota-based mega-corporation, famed in music circles for Frank Ocean and Lady Gaga-related disagreements, is turning the building into office space. According to a report by Star Tribune's Chris Riemenschneider, Target hasn't helped out at all.

Cameron said he was told by a Target representative that "It" will be used in an art instillation inside the building closed off to the public.

Said Cameron, "The history of Let It Be Records is not owned by Target. It is in the collective consciousness of the customers and workers that used to frequent [the store]."
He goes on to list off the many great musical moments that occurred in the store -- including a visit from Radiohead that Gimme Noise attended. Read the rest of his piece here. Target hasn't commented yet.

So, what is the art installation going to look like? Here's a thought:
Courtesy of Laforce + Stevens
If anyone does see this art, please send us a picture.

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