Matt Mueller, former Pachyderm Studio owner, dies in car accident

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Photo by Nick Vlcek
Matt Mueller in 2009.
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Sad news today as the Minnesota music community has lost a part of its recording history with the accidental death of former Pachyderm Studio owner Matt Mueller. He was 42.

City Pages writer David Hansen got up close and personal with the Mueller, a man of many visions, for a 2009 cover story, "Pachyderm Studio wants to save the world, but can it keep the lights on?" In the story, he's described as a "mortgage broker, talent agent, and real estate magnate," and among his many ventures along with the Cannon Falls recording space -- that hosted Nirvana in the early '90s for In Utero's sessions -- he also managed the dance troupe Les Ballets Africains.

Last year, it was announced that Pachyderm, the Cannon Falls studio was for sale. Earlier this year, a new owner emerged in Seedy Underbelly's John Kuker, who is overhauling the space.

Mueller, who had relocated to California, was in a fatal traffic accident on Monday evening. According to a local news report in Nevada City, Mueller's vehicle attempted to pass over a double yellow line and collided head-on with another car. Police say he was not wearing a seat belt, and was ejected. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Local country-rock act Rocket Club posted a remembrance for Mueller, a longtime friend of the group's vocalist-keyboardist Don Smithmier, on their Facebook page:

Rocket Club lost a good friend last night. The one and only Matthew Mueller -- Don's boyhood friend and a guy who had a hand in the beginnings of this band -- died in a car crash in California.  

In January 2007, when we were just some friends working on song demos, Matt invited us down to record at Pachyderm Studios on his dime (he had just bought the place). In the snowy woods of Cannon Falls we recorded Holdin' On, Tangled, Props of Happiness, Say Hello and Two Stopsigns & You and officially put our first album in motion.  

3 years later, we were there again playing "Believe" at his wedding. Now he has left us too soon, along with a wife and two very young kids who won't get to experience the force of nature that was their daddy. But he'll always be with us...and them.  

God bless ya, Matt   
City Pages has the Mueller family in our thoughts today, and we'll update as we know more.

See Also:
Pachyderm's Matt Mueller remembered by friends

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I don't know where to start with the BS in this article.  Mueller was a menace to everyone he ever did business with.  He drove Pachyderm studios into the ground.  When David Hansen interviewed him he basically threatened the guy and went into a psychotic diatribe about the music industry.  An industry Matt had always despised mainly because he could never keep proper time when playing with his own bands and any music he wrote SUCKED!  He died by causing a traffic accident that could have killed a man and his two children as well as those in Matt's own vehicle.  He drove over a double line blind in traffic.  I was on a tour with him once and he did this driving CONSTANTLY.  The guy was just an A-hole.  It is important to remember the reality of this man's life. He was a perfect example of what NOT to do.  His romantic relationships were all abusive.  He would cheat on his Girlfriends and even his wife with prostitutes.  He terrorized women constantly and used other people to death in order to get what ever he wanted.


@panopticon13 his wife is a friend of my sister's this is very sad news. @citypages

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