Stone Temple Pilots at Myth, 9/7/12

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Photo by Erik Hess
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Stone Temple Pilots 
The Myth, Maplewood MN 
Friday, September 7th, 2012 

Everyone loves a comeback story, and there is no bigger comeback story than Scott Weiland. As the frontman of the Stone Temple Pilots he was one of the most iconic and charismatic song slayers this side of Jagger and Cobain. His ever-changing fashion sense would make Bowie raid his closet, his attitude and debauchery was Motley Crue-ish and his live performances, with megaphone in hand, was always nothing less than spectacular. But as the typical Vh1 Behind the Music story goes, during his rise he battled drinking, hard drugs, supermodels and even a disappointing Notre Dame football team. The band broke up and Scott landed in trouble with the law, numerous treatment facilities and even a Velvet Revolver.

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Photo by Erik Hess
Now celebrating their twentieth year in existence the Stone Temple Pilots are back -- and so is Scott Weiland. The long tales of randomness and often bizarre behavior on stage were always part of the draw behind the band, the "what will he do tonight" aspect always packed the shows, it so happens they made some of the best music from the 90s as well, that was just a awesome bonus. What would happen tonight? 

STP hit the stage an hour after the openers Crash Kings stepped foot off stage. During the downtime, the crowd murmured with rumors and wonder of backstage fantasies. Is Scott passed out on the bathroom floor? Are the band six girls deep right now? Did the promoter miss something on the rider and the band is refusing to take stage? Is Anthony Kiedis back there? Just as another filthy rumor hit the air, the band hit the stage with power and the show was on. 
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Photo by Erik Hess
The standard opening number "Crackerman" was held off and instead they started out with "Sin" and then jammed into "Vasoline." Scott Weiland after the song complained about his wardrobe and belt, playing around with his belt much to the delight of the female fans and almost pulling off a Jim Morrison Miami indecent exposure moment. He explained to the crowd that they usually start off shows with "Crackerman" and viola, "Crackerman" and out came the megaphone. Ah, the megaphone is back. I knew this was going to be a great night. 

The band looked genuinely happy -- often joking around and playing off each other. The DeLeo brothers, Robert on bass and vocals and Dean on guitar, would occasionally take center stage while Eric Kretz banged with abandon on the drums behind them. Scott would dance around them all carefree gliding across the stage then with precision and timing find himself back in front of the microphone when needed to belt out the great songwriting that has always been known with STP. Weiland sounded great, never dropping a note. There is a reason he is known as one of the best frontmen from the '90s -- and maybe even ever? 
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Photo by Erik Hess
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Photo by Erik Hess

Purple-lighted solo spots from Dean DeLeo brought the house down a couple times and the crowd erupted for Scott after "Meatplow." By this time, Scott was stripping layers of clothing off just now covered in a black and white striped long-sleeve shirt and dark pants. The crowd was delirious as STP was pushing its natural opiates on the crowd song after song with no let up. During breaks in songs, the band would experiment with short psychedelic instrumentals and guitar solos and Weiland would talk about random things like Dickies jackets and Purple Rain

 As the night started to close out, Weiland broke into a little impromptu Lou Reed "Walk on the Wild Side," mumbling lyrics into the microphone in a Morrison way right into "Interstate Love Song." The house erupted, singing along and never letting up until the "Big Bang Baby." STP exited the stage while the chants of "STP" brought them back out for the encore of "Unglued" and a little tease beginning guitar riff from Velvet Revolver's "Falling to Pieces" morphed into "Sex Type Thing" to close the night. 

 The band hit center stage arms in arms and bowed to the cheering crowd for an extended roar and celebration. The exhausted band felt the love so much they sat in basked in the glow for another bow and it made sense, because everyone loves a good comeback story.
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Photo by Erik Hess
Critic's Notebook 

The Crowd: Being an all ages show, it was a random mix of kids, couples, drunks, divas and plus-40s. Great people-watching. 

Random Detail: With Myth getting a bad rap over the years, the club was on point tonight. Great staff, crowd control was good, lighting, sound. Everything was first-rate. Extra plug to John the security guard for going above his job. 

Overheard: There is one or two at every concert. A late 30-something woman wearing a bikini top was dancing and grinding around the stairs all night obviously high on some substance, and kept yelling for Anthony Kiedis. Her actions would embarrass her boyfriend, who was also drunk, and he'd casually arm cuff her and bitch her out in public. But she kept ignoring her boyfriend. She was there for one person only... Anthony Kiedis. Too bad he was on a different tour. 

Personal Bias: I know there was an Atmosphere show tonight, as well as Carnage's release party and Get Cryphy. But I felt like seeing STP for a change-up, hear some classic songs and watch one of the all time great lead singers take over a crowd. In the end it made me realize that a good majority of hip-hop concerts are boring. Some rappers should take in a good rock show once in awhile, take some notes, learn and apply it to their own show. There is a reason rock bands are still touring 20, 30, 40 years later and well rappers... they are acting on bad police television shows. 

Stone Temple Pilots setlist: 
Hollywood Bitch 
Hickory Dichotomy 
Meat Plow 
Still Remains 
Big Empty 
Black Again 
Between the Lines 
Interstate Love Song 
Tumble in the Rough 
Big Bang Baby 
Sex Type Thing

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"In the end it made me realize that a good majority of hip-hop concerts are boring. Some rappers should take in a good rock show once in awhile, take some notes, learn and apply it to their own show. There is a reason rock bands are still touring 20, 30, 40 years later and well rappers... they are acting on bad police television shows."


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