Top 10 awesome concerts of August

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August was sweltering, but we found the best way to beat the heat with concerts that were even hotter than it was outside. In some cases they were outside -- so just think about the thermometer-busting power. Anyhow, catch our picks for the 10 best concerts this month after the jump.
Alabama Shakes Slideshow by Stacy Schwartz
From Natalie Gallagher's Alabama Shakes review: "Attending the Alabama Shakes show last night was like willingly entering the eye of a hurricane. Songs were dizzying--just when you thought the guitar couldn't possibly be faster, the jam couldn't possibly be more ferocious, there went the band."
Amadou & Mariam Slideshow by Erik Hess
From Erik Thompson's Amadou & Mariam review: "Amadou quickly asked the audience (for the first of many times throughout the energetic performance), "Do you feel all right? We are really happy to be with you tonight." And Mariam chimed in with an accurate prediction, 'It's going to be hot in here tonight.'"

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