Top ten country songs about farming -- ahead of Farm Aid this weekend

7. Travis Tritt - "Where Corn Don't Grow"

Waylon Jennings first recorded this song in 1990, but Travis Tritt had a Top Ten hit with his version in 1996. The moral of the song's story? City life sucks.
Notable lyric: "I think it kinda hurt him when I said, 'Daddy, there's a lot that I don't know. But don't you ever dream about a life where corn don't grow?'"

6. Hank Williams, Jr. - "A Country Boy Can Survive"

Bocephus continues the "City life sucks" sentiment, but in his typically jingoistic style.
Notable lyric: "Because you can't starve us out and you cant makes us run, 'cause we're them old boys raised on shotgun. And we say grace and we say 'Ma'am' and if you ain't into that we don't give a damn."

5. Blake Shelton - "Country Strong"

And once again, a country singer exalts country livin', albeit in a slightly more cheerful manner than does Bocephus.
Notable lyric: "CAT Diesel Power cap pulled down low, makin' that bacon, row by row. Can't get them muscles at the YMCA, it's from choppin' cotton, cuttin' corn and slingin' that hay. Been heavy liftin' since the crack of dawn, no doubt about it that boy's country strong."

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