Zombie Pub Crawl 2012 music lineup unveiled

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Seems like a good fit, don't it?

Was there any chance that an event like Zombie Pub Crawl wasn't going to spread to the far corners of the Twin Cities? While we admire the restraint of these brain-eaters for staying mostly dormant for 51 weekends of the year, the 2012 installment of the ZPC is looking massive musically.

Also, this thing was clearly assembled with maximum disorientation in mind. Not only will St. Paul's Midway Stadium receive the barks, howls, and wails of the ultimate rap werewolf (and Reading Rainbow theme reviver) DMX, but Zombie Pub Crawl 8: Viva la Zombie Pub Crawl is also catering to people who have been stumbling around drunk (or dead) since 1997.

Yes, Empire Records soundtrack stars the Gin Blossoms are also taking part in the musical offerings at the Cabooze. Combine that with metal, AKA music for folks who were never alive to begin with, at the Triple Rock. Read the full details below.

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According to a press release, Midway Stadium will be known as Zombie Island. While listening to the aforementioned DMX, as well as internet-spurned novelty rapper Riff Raff, part-time food stand host Action Bronson, and local-bred insanity via Marijuana Deathsquads, you can ride a Gravitron, a ferris wheel, and other carnival attractions. Inflatable zombie is reportedly part of this too.

Stuff over on the West Bank looks ambitious, as well. With indoor/outdoor music at the Cabooze, and themed events at Triple Rock (a bunch of metal led by Exodus), the Red Sea, the Nomad, and more.

We also have the fucking Gin Blossoms playing at 6 p.m. at the Cabooze. Some of you are like, "Wtf, the Gin Blossoms?" Others have told us, "OMG YES THE GIN BLOSSOMS." But we want you to know they were really excited to play at Zombie Pub Crawl and that's awesome.

Anyhow, here are the musical schedules via Vita.mn:

• DMX (9 p.m.)
• Get Cryphy and the Guinness World Record attempt (8 p.m.)
• RiFF RaFF (7 p.m.)
• Action Bronson (6 p.m.)
• Marijuana Deathsquads (5 p.m.)
• The Tribe & Big Cats (4 p.m.)
• Koo Koo Kanga Roo (3 p.m.)
• The Magician of the Living Dead (2 p.m.)

• Gin Blossoms (early show: 6 p.m.)
• Big Freedia (9 p.m.)
• Tha Clerb (8 p.m.)
• The Chalice (7 p.m.)
• The Goondas (5 p.m.)
• The Japhies (4 p.m.)

• Exodus (10 p.m.)
• Impaler (9 p.m.)
• Black Rainbow (8 p.m.)
• Mördwolf (7 p.m.)


Tickets are $19.99 until October 1 right here, but they'll start going up after that.

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