BNLX announce debut LP details, plan BNLXFest at Cause

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Over the course of releasing their first 7 EP's, local noise-rock outfit BNLX solidified their place as one of the Twin Cities most intriguing and inventive local bands. Their quick-hitting EP's also gave their sound an immediacy and an urgency that certainly played well in the modern musical landscape, with each four song burst not only reminding their fans why they liked the band in the first place, but also leaving them wanting more.

Well, now BNLX fans finally get what they wanted, as the group has just announced details of their debut full-length, BNLX LP, set for release in mid-November. And Gimme Noise has the premiere of one of BNLX's brand new songs from the album, "Vibrant," which you can hear below.

And that's not all the exciting news coming out of the BNLX camp. To celebrate the release of their new album, the group has also put together an awesome two-day BNLXFest at Cause on November 16-17, featuring performances by BNLX themselves (of course), as well as an impressive lineup of some of their favorite local bands.

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BNLXFest will feature performances by special guests Two Harbors, Blue Sky Blackout, International Karate, Pink Mink, Me and My Arrow, Wiping Out Thousands, and two other special mystery guests over the course of the two nights at Cause, with BNLX also delivering a live set each night. It should be quite the celebration for an album that has been a long time coming.

The 12-song BNLX LP was recorded at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis, with Ed and Ashley Ackerson and drummer David Jarnstrom knocking out ten new tracks as well as reworked versions of EP 7's "Meet Me On The Barricades" and EP 5's "Burn The Boats," with the whole album breathlessly clocking in at just under 36 minutes.

It's fiery, inventive, and everything you would hope for from a BNLX full-length. The album will be released by Susstones on limited-edition 12" audiophile vinyl, CD, digital retail download, and (the band's words) "piracy."

The band is also quite proud of doing this entirely on their own, boldly proclaiming: "BNLX is a 100% DIY enterprise, writing, arranging, performing and recording everything in the 55408 on its own agenda in the service of the Industry of Human Happiness."

Here is the tracklisting for BNLX LP, as well as the completely adorable album art, prominently featuring BNLX's demanding tour manager, Wiggy Ackerson, himself.

1. 999
2. Vibrant
3. 1929
4. Devil You Know
5. Everything Must Go
6. Peacock Throne
7. Wiggy
8. Got Nothing On You
9. Message From HR
10. Meet Me On The Barricades
11. Burn The Boats
12. Mixtape

And here is the current lineup for BNLXFest on November 16-17 at Cause:

Friday Nov. 16:
BNLX with special guests Two Harbors, Blue Sky Blackout, International Karate, and very special mystery guest

Saturday Nov. 17:
BNLX with special guests Pink Mink, Me and My Arrow, Wiping Out Thousands, and another very special mystery guest

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