Five of our favorite DMX moments

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If you're taking part in the Zombie Pub Crawl this weekend, get read to stop, drop, shut 'em down, and open up shop as DMX is rolling into town to get at you, dog!

X is gon' give it to ya at 9 p.m. Saturday at Midway Stadium, AKA Zombie Island. Unless you're slippin', you know the combination of zombies, ballparks and X's raw energy are not to be missed. In our excitement, we decided to take a look at five of our favorite recent DMX moments.

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5. DMX Learns Lil B's Album is Going to be Named I'm Gay

What's great about DMX's reaction here, is how you can read his entire thought process just by watching him. From shock, to disgust, to quizzical to ultimate acceptance, X lays it all out and gives us a look at how his Dark Mind X works.

4. When X Met Google

DMX's time on a major label ranks among the most prolific of any rap artist in the corporate realm. Along with two albums in his first year, his annual releases became an anticipated rap event. As a result, music's always kept him busy. Too busy, in fact, to learn how to Google himself. In this clip, X confronts his fears and enters the 21st century as only he can.

3. Dark Critic X

What made X's debut It's Dark and Hell is Hot stand out was its visceral rawness during hip-hop's shiny suit era. The uncut, unfiltered qualities of DMX have always been a big part of his charm, so when asked to give his thoughts on today's hottest hip-hop stars, honesty ensues.

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