Keith Ellison books #GetOutToVoteMN rap concert at First Avenue

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Autumn leaves and advocacy in the Twin Cities.
Brother Ali, Atmosphere's Slug, and Dessa top a huge lineup of local hip-hop talent signed on for a voting advocacy show at First Avenue later this month.

The show is courtesy of Keith Ellison for Congress, and therefore it'll will be a platform for the local politician to get up and rap a bit himself. He was also at Soul Asylum's album release show at the Ave. back in July.

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On Sunday, October 28, it should be a lengthy evening of discussion that fixes to be far more engaging that the first couple televised debates for the presidential election. If we're lucky, Ellison will pull an R.T. and dive into the crowd.

The #GetOutToVoteMN 2012 lineup in full:
Brother Ali
Slug Of Atmosphere
I Self Devine
Los Nativos
Face The Vote
Green Team
Plain Ole Bill
Kevin Beacham.

Tickets are on sale now right here and at Fifth Element in Uptown. 18+, $5 (limit two per person).  

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