Halloween costume ideas, 2012: Music icons

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Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson (photographed by Nick 3LP)
Like Prince, Manson's got his own signature color. Black, obviously. But to look like more than just your average goth-next-door, there are a few simple steps to take. First, make sure you've got a layer of super-light foundation on your face. Second, create the ultimate raccoon eye with a combination of black liner and eye shadow. If you're feeling artsy and realistic, add some blue eyeshadow around the edges. Third, paint a blood-red ombre lip on. To get this gradiated look, start with a layer of dark red lipstick, then line your lips with black and blend towards the mouth with your finger.

Beyonce (photographed by Steven Cohen)
So you want to be the inimitable Beyonce? Get in line. Even though she just had her own little Bey-Bey, she's not going anywhere. But hey, it's Halloween, and you should give B the good old college try. Stick to Beyonce's most iconic outfits, and you'll stand out among the crowd. Rhinestones are a good place to start for any glam B look, or her Audrey Hepburn-inspired 'Countdown' style, or even a throwback to her old Destiny's Child days. Speaking of Beyonce's little one, it's good for you that Bey and Jay didn't get Blue Ivy trademarked. To be mama B, get some craft store ivy, spray paint it blue, wrap a doll up in this newly blue plant, and sport Beyonce's '60s housewife attire from "Why Don't You Love Me".

Riff Raff
Riff Raff
If you can do your own cornrows or get someone to do them for you, that's what'll make this costume really stand out. Otherwise, you can get a long blonde wig and let that mane flow. Don a neon windbreaker and a bright wifebeater, or if you can brave the cold, go shirtless. Draw some squiggly sideburns-cum-beard on, and pop a faux grill in. This dude is always dripping in bling, so don't be afraid to pile it on. Finally, roll into the party with some outrageous rectangular shades, and you're as good as the man himself.

Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean (photographed by Erik Hess)
This guy is so well-dressed we'd say you could just wear a collared button-down and leave it at that. Or maybe his signature red-and-white bandana. But let's be a little more creative, shall we? In honor of his latest album, get a plain white tee shirt. Draw a television set on it in permanent marker (or puffy paint if you're ambitious and awesome) and color the screen orange. Bam, Channel Orange. Bam, Frank Ocean. Oh yeah, don't forget to grab that bandana on your way out.

Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer (photographed by Stacy Schwartz)
Since The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer has whole-heartedly embraced cabaret punk with a vengeance. Taking a leaf from Palmer's style at her latest show in the Twin Cities, start with some metallic pants and work your way up. Next, for your torso, lace up an underbust corset paired with a black bra. Props if you can secure a picture of Klaus Nomi on that corset, too. Pull your hair up into little twists close to the scalp. You could commit all the way to Palmerville by shaving your eyebrows and painting curlycues on in their place, but you can also just go for the deep raccoon eye she sported at First Ave. Extra points if you can get a Neil Gaiman to be your date for the night. (Hint: Just wear all black and a leather jacket.)

Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord (photographed by Tony Nelson)
For an awesome edgy couples costume, this is the way to go. Ninja's look relies heavily on his tattoos (hence his nearly perpetual shirtlessness) and his shorn hair. Find someone with a steady hand who can help recreate Ninja's "Pretty Wize" tattoos with liquid eyeliner or a Sharpie. Yo-Landi Vi$$er is a little harder to pull off, but taking some shears to a blonde wig for super-short bangs is the easiest way to get her unique look. Both of you can rock the prison-orange jumpsuits, and you're ready to get your zef on.

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