KDWB Jingle Ball 2012 lineup

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OneRepublic is definitely going to be at Jingle Ball 2012.
UPDATE: Check out a review of Jingle Ball 2012 here.

A cluster of shadowy figures now graces KDWB's official Jingle Ball page. Throughout this week, these hazy representations of band promotional photos will look the way they do AFTER you put your contact lenses in. For the industrious, this would definitely be an opportunity to start digging through the photo files of your favorite Top 40 stars for some educated guesses about which dark-haired woman sitting outdoors is coming to perform at Xcel this December, and so forth. Or, just wait 'til later this week.

As the Jingle Ball performers are announced, we will dutifully add them here.

The KDWB Jingle Ball occurs on Tuesday, December 4 at Xcel Energy Center. So far, the lineup is set to include:

Conor Maynard
Ed Sheeran
Owl City
Ellie Goulding
Cher Lloyd

Tickets cost $27-$103.30 and go on sale Friday, October 19. Ticket link is here.

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Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee

Selling my ticket I can't make it

Thomas Zocher
Thomas Zocher

Anything with the name KDWB on it doesn't make me curious, nor does it make me mentally debate...it usually just makes me vomit.

Curtis Meyer
Curtis Meyer

They should call it jingle snore. Or, better yet, Pay to Stand in the Middle of a bunch of douchebags and listen to crap Ball.

Nichole Kmett
Nichole Kmett

I'd rather listen to a bum vomit onto a street corner.

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