Let It Be Records' "It" unveiled in Target plaza commons

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Unfortunately, this was not the design Target settled on.
CBS just got to tour Target's new office space on Nicollet Mall. As you may recall, this space was the old location for Let It Be Records, and a bit of a disagreement transpired when the store's owner Ryan Cameron wanted to reclaim all of his original signage. The two letters that remained in the hands of Target were "I" and "T."

Now, as the cameras scoped out the ping-pong tables, fireplaces, life-sized chess board and a red-and-white basketball court that are part of this luxurious new facility, it hovered over the wall where the "IT" now rests.

Here "IT" is, framed behind a crackling fire:

Watch the entire video here:

It's peculiar that Target was so hell-bent on hanging on to this piece of the old building when pretty much everything else in there looks so wildly new and expensive. As Cameron said, "When I moved there, I got my rickety two-story metal ladder out and glued the letters for the sign to the 2nd floor level front of the building. It wasn't an expensive sign but it was good enough for me." So, a piece of Let It Be's storied history lives on -- albeit in a weird and very corporate way.
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