Picked to Click 2012: #2. Pony Trash

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#2. Pony Trash: 78 points

"Part of the reason that we had the discussion about Chris [Bierden] joining the band is because he was the person we knew had a lot of time on his hands," explains Pony Trash singer/guitarist Neil Weir.

While kicking back in an office chair inside Old Blackberry Way, the recording studio he runs, Weir articulates the tightly scheduled world of a band of four men who play in a lot of other bands. While their time together is scarce, inspiration is not in short supply.

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For example, only when Weir isn't occupied with the Chambermaids, Sativa Flats, or his solo instrumental project, Devil on the Beach -- plus recent and continuing studio clients like Cloak Ox, Blind Shake, Chatham Rise, and Web of Sunsets -- can he get together to rehearse with neo-shoegazers Pony Trash.

With a dual attack of reverb-heavy Fender Jazzmasters, the music hits the gut far harder than it does the eardrums. "It's all about how hard you're playing the strings in this band," says equally occupied guitarist Nate Nelson. He's also in the Chambermaids, and other groups include STNNNG, a project with his wife called Sister Bear, and American Cream. "You're playing the strings so lightly, you're setting a mood. I've never done that too much in bands, where you're trying to play as quietly as possible. You're not turning down your amp or anything, it's just how delicate can you play."

Nelson and drummer Ollie Moltaji (Gospel Gossip, Battle Napkin, Wizard Baby, a Bruce Springsteen cover band, among others) share a couch near Weir. Surrounding them is wallpaper with a pattern that might start moving at any second, a comfortable mix of glimmering vintage lamps, and recording gear. These rooms may be just part of the first floor of an unassuming house near Dinkytown, but Weir has continued a several-decade lineage of hosting a hip musical womb, of sorts, within these walls.

Absent is bassist Bierden, who might have the least free time recently due to another Picked to Click band, Heavy Deeds, and a certain guitarless, experimental combo that has been on the road extensively throughout 2012. Still, scheduling's been really easy, Weir contends: "I just look at the calendar for the green line. That's Poliça. If that's not there, Chris is available to get together. Last practice we had was one day between two Poliça tours that he had off. He's really eager to work hard on stuff when he's in town."

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