Polica documentary, Hold You Just a Little While, debuts

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From Hold You Just a Little While.
Required viewing: 2011 Picked to Click runner up Poliça gets their banner year summed up in a short Pitchfork.tv documentary titled Hold You Just a Little While. Directed by the tireless Dan Huiting, the nine-minute clip is an excellent companion piece to Jeff Gage's cover story about the band from earlier this year.

Included, there's a tour of singer Channy Leaneagh's modest-sized home studio space, footage from the group performing at First Avenue, and lots of perspective on their quick rise from a local experiment to a full-on traveling band. If you think you've seen every angle on this group -- and City Pages certainly has provided a lot of them -- this video adds quite a bit more.

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Plus, there's a special appearance by Gimme Noise alum Andrea Swensson in a prominent role to discuss the interworkings of the band and how producer Ryan Olson's role is defined. (Sorry, Andrea! Couldn't resist.)
From Hold You Just a Little While.

Below, you can watch the doc, which features "Dark Star," "Lay Your Cards Out," and "Violent Games" from the group.

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