P.O.S. cancels U.S. tour due to health concerns, is in need of kidney transplant

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Just days before P.O.S.' highly-anticipated new album, We Don't Even Live Here, is set to be released, the Doomtree MC has just had to postpone his entire upcoming 2 1/2 week U.S. tour (with the exception of his First Avenue show on October 26, which is still on) due to health concerns and his imminent need for a kidney transplant.

Stef explains, "Both of my kidneys are garbage. They've been going bad since I was a teenager." He reveals that he has been on dialysis for the past month, and thought he could continue with that type of treatment while on the road, but doctors have advised him otherwise.

He's released a heartfelt video where he explains his situation more thoroughly, and you can tell how much it pains him to have to postpone his tour. "Everyone keeps telling me, including all of my doctors, that I have to take care of my health first."

Our thoughts definitely go out to Stef at this time, and hopefully the tight-knit music community here in the Twin Cities will be a good support system for him while he goes through this process. And who knows, perhaps someone out there might even have a kidney match that will help P.O.S. get back on his feet and rocking clubs again very soon.

Stef insists that he will make-up these canceled shows eventually, once he gets his health concerns sorted. But for the time being, those of you who have purchased tickets for P.O.S.' tour (besides the show at First Avenue) can get refunds at the point of purchase.

As is reassuringly states at the end of the video, "Our dude is gonna get a kidney, and get better. We'll let you know how you can help soon." All we can do is believe that message, show him lots of love at his First Ave show next Friday, and continue to send him our warmest thoughts to get better soon.

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jason.dorweiler topcommenter

Unreal, what kind of match is needed? It seems like a complicated process that goes beyond blood type.

Austin Radish Kenworthy
Austin Radish Kenworthy

Here is the paypal account to donate if anyone is so inclined to help out stefneedsanewkidney@gmail.com


wow. thoughts and prayers of positivity to him and his.

Sara Haaf
Sara Haaf

I hope when I die my organs can help people like him, I am a registered donor, I know someone whose son died and his organs helped 12 different people and finds it very comforting.


Stef - You know you have nothing but love in this city. Take the time to get well and come back better than ever!  

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