Weirdest Prince-themed merchandise

Reigning purple royalty Prince will always have a special place in our hearts, but for some people, this place is really special. October 13 marked the 20th anniversary of the Love Symbol Album release, and we checked out the some of the craziest Prince merchandise we could find. Considering the guy is super particular about his image, these finds are pretty precious.

Prince on a Unicorn 
Because why wouldn't Prince be riding on a mythical creature?

Prince Wine Goblet
Harry Potter and the Half-Painted Prince? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Prince? Harry Potter and the Prince of Azkaban (seriously, look at that grizzly mug). Harry Potter and, oh, we give up.

Prince as a Purple and Pink Pegasus
What is it with pairing Prince and mythical creatures? Though to be fair, the product description makes this so much better: After I had surgery and was on pain pills I had so many Prince dreams! Most of them didn't even have him in them, I just knew it was prince's bathroom or whatever. So Prince is pretty amazing. Here he is as a pegasus with metallic gold hooves and tail.

Prince T-shirt
The description reads: Shown above is our qt ginger friend wearing his that he modified, note that there will be a collar and sleeves on the one you're ordering. Though we love what he's done to his ;) 

We think this qt's face says he wished he'd cut off the "Michael Jackson" part of the shirt, too. Also, you can get this in neon, without sleeves, if you're adventurous.

Prince Cigar Box
Can't you just imagine kicking back and puffing away with Prince?

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