A Tribute to the Replacements at First Avenue and 7th Street Entry, 11/23/12

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Photo By Erik Hess

After a long wait in the Mainroom, the members of Pink Mink finally took to the stage along with Joe Hastings joining in on guitar. Dave Campbell strolled on stage dressed up as a cop, and picked up a megaphone to give the famous warning that launches the Stink E.P. "This is the Minneapolis police. The party is over." Their blistering run through of Stink launched with a breathless take on "Kid's Don't Follow," as Christy Hunt playfully greeted the crowd, "Hi everybody. We're Pink Stink!"

The Birthday Suits' Hideo Takahashi became the first of many guest vocalists during the wild set as he spiritedly sang "Fuck School," before Dillinger Four's Paddy Costello took over the mic for a untamed "Stuck In the Middle," and Gabe Douglas delivered an emphatic vocal take on "God Damn Job."

The surprise guests weren't quite done yet, not by a long shot. Martin Devaney came out to play the harmonica part while Hastings took over vocals on a raucous version of "White and Lazy," but it was the experimental closer "Gimme Noise" which drew the most attention of the set, as former Hüsker Dü bassist Greg Norton joined Gay Witch Abortion drummer Shawn Walker to set fire to our blog's namesake song. It was a truly special moment, and hopefully the rumors of Pink Mink releasing a recording of this performance proves to be true.

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