Amanda Palmer's new video mixes rock star dreams and porn

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"She is fugly, the bitch doesn't shave, and what's going on with those eyebrows?"

These thoughts are on the mind of everyone who doesn't like Amanda Palmer... and perhaps even some people that do appreciate her. The kicker is that these words come straight from the lips of a drag queen in Palmer's newest video for "Do it With a Rockstar."

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The short film video, clocking in at nearly seven minutes, tracks two groups of friends (see: drag queens and hipsters) deciding whether or not they deign to be seen at an Amanda Palmer show. After some super-serious scoffing ("She hates men, she hates women, she hates everything") when the chance to chill backstage with the band arises, everyone agrees that they want to go hang out with a few rockers for the evening.

Like many music videos, Palmer's reflects a certain dreamlike idea about rock and roll life while simultaneously making fun of herself and her detractors. But unlike many music videos, this one was directed by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips and stars porn icon Stoya.

Are these details about Coyne and Stoya trivial? No, especially when you consider Coyne's affinity for whimsical insanity onstage and off (seriously, look at this dude's bedroom) seeps into the video with a vengeance. Don't forget to look for Coyne's cameo, literally hanging out above the crowd.

Post-show, Palmer sets up at the bar with her computer, phone, and (of course) a drink. If you're unfamiliar with Palmer's real personal life, she's married to prolific author Neil Gaiman. After the time they spend apart while touring, one can only assume this scene not only mirrors the song's lyrics ("Do you wanna go back home... check your messages and charge your phone") but also Palmer's real life tech-infused romance with her writer husband. Before long, Stoya comes along for a make-out session with the punk cabaret princess, and it's all over.

Soon it's quite evident that one of the main story arcs (yes, there are story arcs, deal with it) features Palmer and Stoya shacking up in a hotel room. At the beginning of the video, Stoya looks demure and shy, hiding behind glasses and a curtain of red hair. By the end, you see Stoya in all her porn-star glory before Palmer breaks down in her arms. And if you're wondering, Stoya's drapes don't appear to have much carpet to match.

Is this video porn? Sort of, but if this is the only kind of porn you've seen, then that's not saying much. If anything, it subverts rock star and groupie dreams, dunks them in gallons of golden glitter for a fun, booze-soaked romp. Anyone who's been to a rock show (or seen Almost Famous) identifies with that moment you make eye-contact with a musician onstage -- that impossible possibility of will they find me after the show and what if we actually did hang out together.

I mean, you can't possibly be surprised that the video revolves around a Dionysian night of partying considering the name of the song? In the words of one of Palmer's queens, "That's art, bitch. It's art."

Finally, to answer the song's oft-repeated question, "Do you wanna go back home?" No, we're happy to fool around in this sparkle-coated fantasy, thanks very much.

We've included both the long NSFW version and the long clean version for your viewing pleasure. (Though it should be noted that the clean version is basically the same video, only with some blurry nipples.)

NSFW version:

Clean version:

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