Local Frames: New videos from Solid Gold, Father John Misty, Wiping Out Thousands, and more

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Nyteowl - "EZ Boy"

Nyteowl mastermind Jeremiah Conlon has made his mark on the Minneapolis music scene by consistently producing and creating inventive and enthralling electronic music for years now. "EZ Boy" comes from Nyteowl's new album, LIFE, and the psychedelic clip was directed by videOracle. It features the energetic dancing of Robert Jeffery, who is uninhibitedly getting down to the grooves throughout the catching number. Give a listen to a few other new tracks from Nyteowl's LIFE and some choice older numbers on his Soundcloud page.

Nyteowl - "EZ Boy" from videOracle on Vimeo.

Typsy Panthre - "Hal"

Typsy Panthre are back with another inventive new video, this one being a stop frame clip for the acoustic-driven number "Hal," which comes from the duo's excellent self-titled debut which came out earlier this fall. The ruminative video stars Farrah Briest, and perfectly captures the relaxed, wistful vibe of a warm summer's day in Minnesota. Typsy Panthre's full-length is available at most digital music retailers, as well as the local record shops Electric Fetus, Roadrunner, and Treehouse. You should seriously pick yourself up a copy--you won't regret it.

Laarks - "The Human Abstract"

Even though Laarks are from Eau Claire, the presence of Peter Wolf Crier's Brian Moen on drums qualifies their excellent, expansive new number, "The Human Abstract" for Local Frames. The song comes from Laarks forthcoming new record, Fiat Lux, and the clip is directed, shot, and edited by the talented Peter Eaton. There's a spooky, cinematic edge to the video, which only enhances the slow-building mood of the music itself. If "The Human Abstract" is any indication, we are all in for something truly special when Fiat Lux finally drops.

LAARKS - "The Human Abstract" from Peter Elliott Eaton on Vimeo.

Doomtree - Team The Best Team Official Trailer

Twin Cities hip-hop fans are still obviously head over heels for Doomtree, as two of their three Blowout nights at First Avenue in December are long sold-out already (with the third getting close). So their dedicated local fan base should be thrilled that the collective is putting out Team The Best Team, a 2-disc DVD set documenting their No Kings tour. The official trailer for the documentary reveals candid clips of the band throughout their recent adventures on the road, and the doc promises plenty of live footage from the group, as well as plenty of sure to be humorous bonus footage and other features. Plus, if you pre-order now, your set will arrive with a bag of Doomtree popcorn to enjoy while you're watching.

Mike Fisher - "Jump"

Mike Fisher is a young Minneapolis singer/songwriter who quit his job to focus on his music, setting off for Nashville with a set of demos and a borrowed guitar. "Jump" is the first of those songs to be released, and the track pulses with Fisher's unabashed sincerity and sonic inventiveness. The clip, which was directed and shot by Ryan Schneider, captures Fisher playing the track within the comforts of home, much like his songwriting process which fostered the emotive material in the first place.

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