Madonna's St. Paul show "REALLY REALLY SUCKED," says reader

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I WANT A FULL refund: $1,500.00 for 2 tickets (YES, that's 1,500 dollars not even seated in the VIP circle), my return airfare $429, airport shuttle to Orlando MCO $65 includes 15% tip, cab fare to EXCEL & home $76 includes 15% tip, $80 for 2 t-shirts, and a bar tab of $188, also includes tips. (Buyer Beware - a vodka tonic at EXCEL Center is $26 before tip!) I have receipts!

Grand Total: $ 2,238.00, send a certified bank check promptly please.

To anyone considering purchasing any new "work", called MDNA, by Madonna - think again! It also SUCKS, you'll only regret you wasted your hard earned money on worthless crap. Rather, consider tipping your server or cab driver 20% next time you have the opportunity. There are plenty of us hard deserving workers out here working our arses off to pay our mortgages, health insurance, and send our kids to school too!

Don't allow Madonna to destroy one of your hard earned bucket list dreams like she did mine!

Carol [Redacted]
[Redacted], Florida

Photo by Tony Nelson

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