Matt and Kim at First Avenue, 11/7/12

Photos by Erik Hess
Matt is a natural storyteller and shared a story of their time in Toronto when during their show, the venue was hit by lightning, fitting for the new album title. As tradition for each show, Kim made her way out into the crowd, "hard and up the center" as Matt put it, to dance on the crowd's hands. Johnson often threw goodies out to the crowd like confetti sticks and tshirts, of which he shared, "A woman got taken away in a police car last night, cause she bit someone fighting for a T-shirt." Kim joined in the banter with, "When I was out in the crowd, someone got real excited, cause it smells like fart right around that area -- and it wasn't me."

With that kind of fun-loving nature that the band embodies, it's no wonder that kids love them and want to be them. Leading into their one song encore, the band said that their show at First Ave. has been the biggest exponential increase of people at a headlining show. Before their last song, Matt asked the crowd for one last favor, to out their hands in the air for "Good For Great," a song title that reflects the arc of the band's musical career.

Critic's bias: I attended the Blink-182 show in St. Paul last year but was not able to catch Matt and Kim's set. I was pleasantly surprised by the energy of the band, although did notice the mistakes Matt made at the keyboards, something that may be covered up in a full band. 

The crowd: Teenage hipsters, parents, and young kids. I spotted two boys that may have been as young as seven.

Overheard in the crowd: About Matt's story of the woman getting taken away for biting someone: "Zombies."

Random notebook dump: The band had an affinity to say "Minneapolis" after everything they said. I often question the sincerity of musicians when they say a city's name too often, as if saying it will validate the band's love for the town.

Photo by Erik Hess

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